english footie v`s england team

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by ballonhead, Apr 30, 2008.

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  1. With the Champions League being an all English affair this would mean that english teams are the best in Europe - so why are the England team not in the Euro Champs ????
    Is it because the Champions League teams contain so many foreigners or is it that the individuals within the England team just cannot all play on same side together but are happy to play together in club football ?
    Comments ?
  2. Look at the English teams that got to the semis and the make up of their playing staff. A handfull of English players in there, and they seem incapable of playing together.

    Rooney needs a Teves figure to run off, Gerard needs a Torres figure to play through and Ferdinand needs a Vidic to make up for his odd lapse in concentration.

    What we need is a six-nations type torniment during the off seasson when other comps aren't going on. The national side(s) would benefit from playing togther more.
  3. The Home Internationals were binned in the mid-80's because Englend thought they were too good. :lol:
  4. Which adequately answers the original question!!
  5. Watch Premiership football if you want to see a bunch of African and Eastern European footballers every weekend.

    I like footie but don't give a toss about not being at the Euro 2008. If the players can't be bothered on the pitch then why should I be bothered off it?
  6. I thought they were binned due to crowd trouble at the England-Scotland games.
  7. Living in Scotland ( but being English) I was under the impression England cancelled the Home nations championship as they refused to play in matches they didnt think they would get home alive from . The fixture at Hampden being one of those . That plus they couldnt afford to keep rebuilding Wembley although it may have been wise as the Scots ( or any other nation) could have systematically destroyed the old Wembley and save money then on expensive demolition companies.
  8. The 1977 Wembley thing aside - there was not a bigger problem in the England Scotland game than many other fixtures at the time. England felt they needed more quality fixtures and the HIs were not giving them.

    I think in one of the last ones England came to Hampden with a blue 'keepers shirt for Shilts. He had to play in Handsome Jim's which was effing funny due to shils being 2 sizes larger now plating in a spary on shirt with a SFA badge....
  9. Too many foreign players in the Premiership irrespective of the team they actually play for.

    Bring back an old rule of no more than 3 foreign players per team allowed on the pitch at the same time.

    This would enhance our (English Team) a chance of actually competing at the highest level (World Cup and European Championship), as we would have more english players to choose from that are actually playing regular Premiership football rather than being out on loan 1 - 3 leagues below the Premiership.

    Come on the FA where is your back bone?
  10. Home Nations could be a good start, however we need the FA to be strong and support the England Manager with regards the Premiership Managers and the release of english players.
  11. Cap the wages and cost of all players to a reasonable limit - no more than a million to buy/sell a player and no more than £50,000.00 a year including promotions, adverts etc etc.

    That'll sort out the players from the ******* who just like to take the money and run!!
  12. because you were sh1te in qualification.
  13. Nothing to do with backbone, but more to do with European Labour regulations.
  14. you cant introduce a wage cap.

    1. If you do, all the talent will go abroad - including those foreigners that have revolutionised the english game from a kick and rush sunday league to the quality we see today.

    2. Puting a cap on buying/selling players will cripple lower league clubs. In effect all the measures you suggest would destroy the English game
  15. The FA still need to get a grip and bring back the rule of no more than 3 foreigners etc etc.