English Fighting MPEG

Has anyone got a copy of it, or know where on the net this mpeg is?

I think it's called 'English Fighting'. Basically, it starts with a load of Japs doing their moves in a martial arts school. In walks an English bloke who starts saying stuff like 'stop that Jackie Chan shit, I wanna see plenty of windmilling, headbutting and if you've got keys in your hand, use em'. He then proceeds to lay them all out while chanting 'England, England, England'.

Bloody hilarious. Somebody did send it to my phone a long while back, but I deleted it by accident.
Excellent makes me laugh every time I see it
Merky buckets

i cant get it to play
got it blue toothed to me mate, il see if i can put it onto my pc, then it will be available to email out,il keep you posted,
alternatively there is a link to send to a friend, send it to yourself, drag and drop it into your phone software package and crossload it to your blower. let me know how you get on

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