English devolution (alright Ive gone mad)

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by polar, Jan 14, 2009.

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  1. Off sick at the mo and watching a lot of TV. Its really getting my goat to see the English being called Anglo/Saxons. Its not true, I'm a Dane/jute/Itatilan/Indian and my wife if a Dane/Jute/Angle/Jew, our families have lived here for centuries and most around are similar.

    Why has England took on a Southern history? Something seems wrong, in our area we are from the same hero appears - Robin Hood (we come from areas 70 miles apart). It seems in my drunken state history has been changed to protect the UK
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  3. BiscuitsAB

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    Me Im pure bred British mong(eral). Scots,English,Welsh and Paddy so fcuk knows how much anglo saxon there is in there but theres plenty of celt. As for Devolution if I lok at Scots history, Scotland didn't really start producing the goods in terms of invention, engineering and the arts until after they stopped fighting the english. (erm and each other)
  4. Erm, pour yourself another large beer
  5. Im 43rd generation Roman. S.P.Q.R!
  6. I'm a Yorkshire, Scots, Japanese, Jew-a mongrel for sure, pure mutt. :roll:
  7. Romanes eunt domus
  8. Hail Caesar! I also am descendant Roman.
  9. Mong(REL)s the lot of you
  10. Yep - me too. Are we related :?:
  11. Because history is written by the winners...

    ...Northern loser :wink:
  12. Or the Danish/French Normans.

    p.s. think I need to lay off the beer today
  13. Next I'll be saying I descended from (Nelsons) Batman from Gotham (pronounced Goatham, which is the Italian connection)
  14. Ha ha, often heard chanted by the BC - BNP!
  15. AlienFTM

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    It has been put to me that the only true-bred English in this country live in isolated villages in the wilds of Cornwall and Norfolk. Doesn't appeal.

    Me? Obviously a bastard (in the true meaning of the word which the expletive checker will doubtless change to fatherless: haha go back in, edit it and the checker is stuffed!) Viking, result of one of their forays in the, well the age when the Vikings raped, burned and pillaged Northumbria. I have taken my family tree back to the 18th Century and find nothing but true-bred County Durham apart from 1/32 Irish (so you may call me a bog trotter) and (sadly) 1/32 Norfolk.

    Personally I'd love to see England devolve from the UK and watch as the Sweaties live up to their name because suddenly there's only 5 million of them and no taxes coming in from the English to pay for their free prescriptions and their dole.