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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by cupoftea, Apr 14, 2010.

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  1. Is any one voting for them?

    I came across them whilst tooling around the internet looking for info on my local candidates as I've just realised that I'm actually eligible to vote despite not holding a British Passport. I'm feeling inclined to vote for them because :

    a) I've never voted before and it would be a novelty to me.

    b) I'm doing it for shiits and giggles because my London borough is a safe Tory seat by a wide margin.

    c) Politically I am a died-in-the-wool Cynic / Apocalyptist / Great Floodist / Its farked and its going to get much worse before it gets betterist so seeing as the circus is there and playing I may as well throw some bread at the gladiators and do the thumbs up/down thing just for a laff.

    d) Curious interest since they could potentially go the way of the Scottish National Party if they took off a few rough edges and sharpened up a bit.
  2. I normally vote for them but I'm considering BNP this time as it is the easiest way of p*ssing off lefty w*nkers without making an effort.
  3. Aww...
  4. Just for the lefty lot, I am not IVV by another name, but I do like the cut of his jib ;)
  5. Hey Lads, look, voting is a serious business and there are better men and women than you out in sandy places who,s vote may not get counted but which should be, so think on before pissing about like a fart in as space suit,and vote responsibly.

  6. What he said.

    Which doesn't mean that the English Democrats aren't a serious party, just, think on.

    Oh, and fcuk the BNP. I hate Nazis.
  7. Your vote matters as much as the smell of a butterfly's quim. Oh, sorry I forgot this was drama school.
  8. Think on? Er, after you gentlemen...

    How am I supposed to treat it like a 'serious business' when my vote practically doesn't count because of the First Past The Post system that is in place? In my borough the only party that has a realistic chance of replacing the Conservatives is New Labour... What if I don't care for either of them?
  9. Vote to your conscience, of course. But don't treat it like a joke.

    I could trot out all the cliches about people dieing for the vote, but you're a grown up.

    Vote English Democrat if you want an independent England. I don't, so I won't.

  10. Like most normal people, you are at the cross roads we all are at, the top two parties are as corrupt and as shite as each other, so where to cast????

    BNP? not a hope in reality, despite the fact they say what most people want to hear, they will not, and cannot change this country, without a bloodbath.

    UKIP? same thing without the bloodbath.

    Libdems? yeah ok.....

    What this country needs, is a party that will actually do what its voters want doing, and sadly, we dont have a party like that.

    So either vote to stop the labour lot having a free run yet again, or dont vote, or spoil your form.

    To be honest, no other party can do much more damage than has been done by the ruling party.

    I will be voting tory, again, as I hate what the labour government has become, which is a spoilt left wing version of what labour was always meant to be.

    Labour to me, was a party of the people for the people (sorry for the americanism) but this lot have shown me that even those elected by the people can and will, be changed into money grabbing tw@s who will lose the sight of reality and the job role, to line their own pockets at the cost of those they swore to help.

    Labour are no longer labour, they are tories with aspiration, but with less moral fibre.
  11. I'd be tempted to vote for them if they would stop me paying for Scotland.

    Take Cover...............
  12. But it is a joke...

    If there was proportional representation I would probably still vote for the English Democrats, or possibly the Lib Dems... but all that's academic. The fact that it is self-evidently engineered to force people into voting tactically for either of two or sometimes three parties means that its joke, and the joke is on you.

    Even if there was proportional representation there would still be an awwwwwful lot of other jokes still going in the system.

    Think on, wot?

  13. Sadly, you are assuming that the votes cast actually equate to the final result!
  14. Not really Gren, I deliberately didn't go into much detail precisely because there are so many caveats involved.
  15. I take it you've never been to Lancashire?