English Democrats and your culture.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by shagnasty, May 1, 2010.

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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3mC4wiGZsVU

    English Democrats are the only party that will stand up for THE ENGLISH.

    Most people have never heard of this quaint barbaric tribe. They represent 48 to 50 million of the tribes that populate the British Isles. There are probably 60 million in total in the British Isles.

    We know of the Scots, The Welsh, and even the Irish. We have a million Asians too, and all of these people are the multi-cultural basis of our system of government. Why, we are so generous that we even allow a Scot to rule us.

    All they ask, as they swamp us, is that the English majority pay for these alien cultures and to subsume their own culture. Now that's not hard is it?
  2. Do they eat Kebabs, curry and Chinese food?
  3. A drugs overdose is quite effective although you may want to consider exsanguination. Let us know how you get on.
  4. Think you need some arithmetic tuition Shaggy.

    As of 2008, Scottish population was 5,168,000 or 8.61% of the UK
  5. Thats 5,168,000 too many of the c*nts
  6. Fine, let's pull all the Scottish/Irish/Welsh/Commonwealth born service personnel home and let you English go it alone. :p
  7. I said anything about the Irish,Welsh or Commonwealth did I or can't you read properly, I said there one Jock is one too many..........comprendez.
  8. So you're only wanting Scots service personnel to fuck off home then?

  9. The bean-counters will be well chuffed; that's roughly half the Paras, Booties and Them off the payroll for a start! :D
  10. Yawn !!!!!
  11. I hardly think I need lessons in originality from someone who attempts to start yet another Jock - English p1ssing contest, old boy. :p
  12. It isn't the per capita cost of Scots I mind paying, it is the even higher rate that we fund Londoners to!
  13. Oh CDT usually does that anyway!! :p
  14. Oh great, another let's kick off at the Jocks thread, not had one of those for a while
  15. Nah... were having too much fun taking the p*ss out of that one eyed idiot in Number 10.... Having him as a fellow countryman is probably humiliation enough!!! :p