English Clubs to pull out of Heineken Cup

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Travelgall, Apr 4, 2013.

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  1. Heineken Cup talks in deadlock as top English clubs consider alternative competitions - Telegraph

    I suspect this is a bit of North Korean style threats before you go into negotiation. But should the English Clubs pull out which of the 3 choices would you go for?

    It would pretty much kill the Heineken Cup stone dead. France and England right now have the cash as well to go it alone. Unfortunately it could affect Italy quite badly which would be a real shame. I suspect that the Welsh, Scottish and Irish Teams could form some form of Celtic League.
  2. English teams chucked it in 1998-99 and came crawling back the next season. You mean like the Rabo Pro 12 league that exists at the moment
  3. Yes, just like the Rabo league, but with some sort of enhanced Cup competition on top.
  4. The money men have taken over Rugby Union. This has been on going for a couple of years. However now the time limit of two years is up England and France can push the issue. No good will come of it and it could drive a wedge between the home nations which will effect the future of the lions and possibly the 6 nations.
    Along with all the stupid Law changes over the past decade, the game I have played and watched for nearly 40 years is being erroded to the point of no return.
    Part of me wants the Celtic nations to break away and form their own league and cup competitions just to stuff the English and French unions and I say that as an Englishman! However I fear that the money will talk and a fudged compromise will take place meaning the smaller(poorer) nations will get shafted and more and more celts will ply their trade in England and France.
    The only winners will be the southern hemisphere!
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  5. The money talks! Has been that way since it changed from Am to Pro.

    As for your last sentence - never a truer word mate!
  6. See that the RFU is trying to sort out a compromise. Rather difficult with the BT/Sky issue. The Welsh regions are talking about joining the Zp which will piss their RFU off something rotten. I don't think that a compromise will be reached but you never know. Both sides would have to eat a Greggs worth of humble pie.