English civil war re-enactment clothing & items for sale


I'm an ex-reenactor but had to give it up due to a stroke, so have these items for sale. I'd prefer to sell them as a job lot.

Sealed knot equipment -

Battle-scarred Ron Curley RC 66 Matchlock Musket, with splinter taken off in club muskets by some **** with a halberd. (nearly lost my thumb!) Not proofed for ball but could be. 5 tins of black powder solvent, musket cleaning kit and box

Knapsack containing – sleeping roll, 2 musketeers' pouches, 2 purses, powder flask, kid gloves, bandoliers, match and sandpaper, dagger, authentic cutlery

5 pairs of thick socks, 3 sets of leggings, 3 linen shirts, 3 authentic leather belts,, light green ladies skirt ( needs hemming)

2 Lunsford’s (possibly Hopton’s, Bard’s, Fairfax’s or Hutchinsons) light blue britches and jackets, dress jacket, waistcoat and over coat (pictured) All approx. 40-44” waist, 48-62” chest (say XL!)

Contact me by email mailto:caliston@gmail.com in the first instance and I'll be happy to provide photos. You'll need a current shotgun certificate for the musket.

Hi this may be a long shot but do you still have your ecw items i have joined the taunton garrison and need to buy kit thankyou Anton
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hi have you still got your ecw items bit of a long shot but just joined taunton garrison i have a shot gun licence and have applied for powder licence thankyou anton
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