English Civil War Archeaology


Just starting off a new project. The village what I live in has an interesting past, most people seem to concentrate on the industrial revolution and coal mining side of its history though.

I found out last night that when the Parliamentarians demolished Ashby de la Zouch castle they may have done it from the ridge line at the bottom end of the village. After a very brief look at maps and elevations if the range of the field artillary was sufficient then the ridge would in deed be a perfect site given that it is at its highest 38m above the elevation of the castle floor.

If anyone is in the area and wants to get involved or if anyone is gen'd up on the English Civil War then please feel free to post on here.

I'm going to be looking firstly for any redoubts that were built but also there is rumour of a burial ground in the area. If so It would be good to find so that it can be put back on the map and remembered.
Get in touch with the Battlefields Trust.

The Trust can help and are looking for active members. They have access to some of the best archaeologists , military and landscape historians around. They can help to bid for funds and get local communities involved. The UK Battlefields Trust - Home

The Battlefields Trust did the archeology at Edgehill supported the Naseby project and did the signage at Roundway Down Brentford and Turnham Green. The East Midlands group are involved at Newark

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