English, British or European.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by richardogara, Dec 12, 2006.

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  1. Right, I class myself as anEnglish man but I see the point in been classed as British, this I can understand as englishmen, scottishmen and the welsh are all part of The British Army. Now we are been classed as European on application forms for employment. When is this crazyness going to stop. I AM BRITISH not European. How do others feel about this. Having the passports changed is wrong, we should still have GREAT BRITAIN on them not European. In fifty years is it going to be EARTHLING or MEMBER of EARTH or some crazy sh*t. Let's have your opinions, are you English, Scottish, Welsh, Northern Irish, do you consider yourselves British or yak err even European. We don't need Brussels, we managed perfectly well when we ran the Empire.
  2. How about a poll?
  3. msr

    msr LE

    British by birth

    English by the grace of God.

  4. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    Well for about a month I've been toying with the appellation 'Eurasian', like Robert Nesta said 'If the cap fit, let dem wear it'.
  5. English first, British secondly

    Get me to call myself European? Over my dead body. :x
  6. Been done before - there's nothing new on Arrse

    To quote myself:

  7. It doesn't really matter - you're a European Union citizen whether you like it or not. You don't see too many people complaining about that when they finally get the result they want at the European Court of Justice now, do you?

    The UK's problem is that we take it all too seriously. The Frogs can be extremely French when it suits them, annoyingly European the next. Do they give a monkeys?

    There are more advantages to being European than not - and frankly, their's feck all you can do about it anyway...

    As for being British - define that one easily?
  8. Fairly recent ancestry - Polish/German/English/Scots/Irish. I regard myself as British/ English. I am European, and pro the idea of an integrated Europe.

    I loathe the way the EU has developed and think that it needs root and branch reform to get it on track. There is more chance of this happening now that the French do not run it as an off shoot of their uncivil service.
  9. English & proud of it
  10. Born in England but consider myself British. Will NEVER ever call myself a European Union citizen :x
  11. English - end of...................
  12. richardogara wrote

    Now we are been classed as European on application forms for employment.

    Last time I saw an application form in the UK I was asked if I was Irish or White.Strange but funny.

    If I'm in the UK I would say I was English,outside the UK I would say I was British or that I was from the UK.
  13. Everyone here assumes you're American - I go through great pains to tell them I am British.
  14. I'm a Smoggy Tyke from England in Great Britain.

    Great Britain is an island. Europe is a Continent. Ergo Great Britain isn't part of Europe, merely a neighbour and a Briton can't be a European.

    Europe comprises many member nations therefore "European" isn't a nationality but a continentality. (in the same way that a Canadian would be an American, but someone from USA is a Yank).

    The European Union is a trading association, not a nation and shouldn't put on airs and graces.
  15. Born British...

    I live in Denmark but now consider myself English and fly the Cross of St George on my flagpole (odd but true - everyone over here has a 5m flagpole outside their house - flags fly for Birthdays etc)

    What happened??? After a run of Hollywood anti-English films... and being force fed anti-English sentiment by people who actually believe that more than 5% of the Braveheart film was true (just an example - got tired of my Irish mates too - enough is enough - couldn't even have a drink without some form of provocation) I had to say sod'em and took up St George.

    I miss being British... and I think if I were still serving, alongside the great blokes from all our countries... I still would be. But I got tired and am not any more. I still have my Scottish and Irish mates over here and they've calmed down a lot... but the worm has turned. Sad really. Britain was worth something once.