English as she is speaked.....by the military!


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Hmmm, Online dictionaries aren't too good....

this sentence would be fairly comprehensible to most Brit other ranks who'd been in a couple of years:

" so I'm in the sangar,yeah, an' I said to my oppo, keep an eye on my gat, I need to use the khazi "

Step forward http://www.askoxford.com
- but they still don't know what a sanger is! Take a shufti....

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The scene: PoxyPowerPoint briefing of the General (renowned for his incisive wit, opinion and likelihood of replacing the current Big Big Chief) at RSAF HQ, Riyadh, re 'force protection'.
Me: "..and I intend to place sangars here, here and here around the perimeter, where the arcs of fire of the sentries can..."
General: "What are these 'sangars' of which you speak, Whiskybreath?"
Me: "These are small, fortified posts, General, where a single man or a pair can watch for, and if necessary act against intruders, as well as warn the occupants of the installation".
General: Why are they not called 'Watch Towers'?
Me (sniggering, but thinking it is a casual and impressive laugh): Why, General, it is a word which you Arabs taught us; the Sangar has been a feature of British Army life for many years - indeed many a Tom has lost his cherry in one. Why, I remember the one at the bottom of Great James Street in which..."
General: "Just call them Watch Towers, Whiskybreath".

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