England's 'World Class' footballers.Who are they FFS?

Given that a number of footballers hardly turned up,during the World Cup,are UK 'World Class' footballers,just a figment of over active imaginations?

That was to say, world class? We have very few.

I don't need to follow the game, the results speak for their selfs.
Well we haven't produced World class players since the 1980's for me. I would suggest Frank Worthington was probably our last World class player.

The kids today are never seen playing footie in the streets, they are far too busy on their x-boxes.
he was only english as a schoolboy
That bloke who does the crisps adverts; he was pretty good wasnt he?
Was he a Golden Wonder?
General rule of thumb is that you'll need 6 or 7 world class players to win the World Cup. England probably have 3. Gerrard, Lampard & Ashley Cole. It's just a shame they're not role models off the pitch.
Ashley Cole, Steve Gerrard, Frank Lampard and David Beckham can all be classed as world class Englishmen over recent times.

and If it wasn't for injurys then Michael Owen would of been a world beater on a more regular basis. Wayne Rooney has shown that he is capable of being one of the greats at European club level but until he pulls his finger out at a World Cup then he isn't top notch in my book.

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