Englands Fly-Half Crisis with Danny Ciprianis injury

Ryan Lamb is too young and can't defend, he simply hasn't learnt at the same speed as Cipriani has.

Ditto for Geraghty, and Wilkinson is injured.

My solution? Call up Andy Goode, he was fantastic for Leicester at the weekend.

And after seeing his performance, I hope Ian Can'tcatchtheBall-Shaw never gets the call again.


a good synopsis there and one which I fully support. The ankle looked pretty bad for old Cipriani.
Looks like they will have to take Charlie Hodgson. He's had a pretty good season for Sale.
Cipriani is a big blow for England though, lets hope he doesn't do a "Wilkinson" for the next three years!
BTW....welcome to international coaching Johno!
No great loss, I can't see why he's been hailed as the new messiah he's only started in what, 2 internationals? Goode played a blinder against Gloucester but I don't know how consistent he's been this season. All academic really as the AB's are going to munch you regardless! :wink:
England's fly half crisis?

So what about (INAOOP):

Hodgson, Barkley, Flood, Goode, Jarvis, Lamb

(to name but 5...)
Cuddles said:
England's fly half crisis?

So what about (INAOOP):

Hodgson, Barkley, Flood, Goode, Jarvis, Lamb

(to name but 5...)
Honeslty Cuddles,

Hodgson isn't really consistent at international level, but i'd take him and Goode as the two Fly-Halfs, with Barkley as cover.

Barkley is more of an insider centre than a 10, but as said, i'd take him as cover.

Flood hasn't got enough experience at 10, he isn't bedded in even at Newcastle, and he's too small to be a 12, doesn't run incisive enough lines like Barkley does.

Jarvis, corking player, but hasn't shown that he can make the jump from the Saxons yet. Ditto to Lamb.
An embarrassment of riches at 10 in England nevertheless...we north Britons would settle for just one of those as back up to Mossy. You can have Dan Parks if you want him, free to good home. Well frankly if you take him, we don't really care what happens to him.

I'm hoping that a puma will eat him on the campos of Argentina this Summer...

"Has anyone seen Dan?"
"No Frank, why?"
Update, they've called Danny Hipkiss into the squad as cover for centre, deciding that Flood, Barkley and Hodgson was enough cover at 10.

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