Englands cricketing injuries?

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Ozduke, Nov 27, 2007.

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  1. For years now England's cricket team has been ravaged by injuries. I see that last night both Harmison and Anderson suffered injuries during the game versus a select Sri Lankan XI.

    Australia have been at the top of the game for years, and don't I just know it! Yet I can count on one hand the amount of serious injuries their top players have suffered. Why is this? What are the ECB doing wrong and why has it been allowed to go on for so long?
  2. I agree, but can't give you an obvious answer. A generation ago, the likes of Fred Trueman, Brian Statham and John Snow seemed to bowl for ever and never went down with serious injury. Perhaps it is the modern "athlete" mindset, where they tend to rest whenever they feel the slightest twinge! Or, it may be a simple case of wearing the wrong type of footwear! I know that has been a problem with Freddie Flintoff and has also been cited as the reason why so many modern footballers fall over with broken matatarsels (mong sp) - inappropriate footwear which looks good, but offers no protection.
    Thankfully, Jimmy Anderson seems to have recovered. Based on current form, there is no way they should be considering selecting Steve Harmison, injury or not.
  3. Roger. But how could the likes of McGrath bowl and bowl and bowl with very little injury? If it wasn't for the cheeky little role the ankle while playing touch incident, I can barely remember him being injured - tired yes, but injured?

    Where is that ball by the way?! It should have pride of place in the Lords museum. Along with Ponting's arrogance, it won us the Ashes!
  4. That ball should of received an MBE - it contributed more than Paul Collingwood!!
  5. Overplaying.

    Commercialism seems to have a big hand in English cricket. More games more income.

    It appears to me that Aussie Cricket is a way of life. Look at the way you spanked us in the last Ashes, and we didn't even play bad.

    I've also heard it said that an Aussie player is more determined to have a good game because a) there is stiff competition for the National side and b) there are not as many games to prove yourselves.

    And lets not forget grass roots. English Cricket is a knock about in the park with no real fitness involved until Proffessional level.

    You Aussies seem to approach sports differently with your sports schools bringing kids along from an early age so that fitness and nutrition are second nature and more readily accepted as opposed to a chore as some of our sportsmen seem to see it.

  6. Well don't want them to dull the nail polish do you.
    Seriously, finely tuned athletes that they are ????? you don't want them to get hurt even more do you?