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on the BBC news website today - a rather attractive looking young lady it has to be said.


She appears to have borrowed Kirk Douglas's chin.

By the way, I'm running a sweepstake on how many people reply to this thread with the extremely boring and predictable punchline..... "I would".
I reckon there are at least 15 spacktards with the required lack of wit and imagination. Anyone want in? Higher or lower than a 15?
Needs a hair cut!!


Whats the story, link please, also whats the shwubewwy eminating from the Barclays Bank cap badge?

Oh yes I would as well not that she would let me!
His name is Raule and is on exchange from Brazil's Elite SF Tranny Squad. It is rumoured that he is the love child of Kirk Douglas, spawned when he was filming "Vikings" in the rain forest - it was cheaper that filming in the UK.
I would ten times.

But at my age I would need oxygen and the help of the Combat Fluffer Platoon WRAC (if they are still on the Army list).
Fuckers wearing make up. should be banged up for a bit

I would.

Is that the half illiterate response of a mong?

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