Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by the_guru, Aug 16, 2006.

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  1. We are going to win the 2010 World Cup !!

    Just thought I'd start it off....

    :wink: :wink: :wink:
  2. No, you are not.
  3. Gonna be a long thread.
  4. coat and taxi for The Guru please!!!! :D :D
  5. LOL. Just like you were going to win World Cup 2006, Euro 04, World Cup 02, Euro 2000 etc etc etc....

    I wonder what the excuse will be in 2010.
  6. Ever heard of sarcasm :roll:
  7. If we get 4 abso-ferking-lutely flookalicious goals every game who can stop us winning the world cup?
  8. Wayne Looney sees Geoff Hunt and tells him that England will win the World Cup in 2010.

    GH: "But when you're holding the can, don't forget to keep one hand free to shake hands with the President of the English Republic".

    WL (puzzled): But we don't have a Presiden of the English Republic!"

    GH: We will have by the time youse win the fückin' World Cup!"

    Just thought I'd get that one in. :D :D :D

  9. Damn right....it's my religion. I am a bipartite Sarcastic-gnostic and fundamentalist atheist dyslexic insomniac. I lie awake all night wondering if there's a dog.
  10. Andy Murray did well today didnt he.
  11. He'd do well to shut his big jock trap up for 5 minutes.

    P.S. BTW, what did he do today?
  12. Maybe if that one trick Pony Beckham gets left out more often you will have a chance - or if The Scum stops picking the managers team for him, and if the Jocks have a bad day :slow:
  13. Well yesterday he beat that big soft streak o pish Henman, then today he beat federer.
    No bad for the scottish gobshite.

    I thought your team were good today, what a differance without sven and beckham
  14. Honest assessment?

    Greece were very poor, but it did not detract from a much improved England performance. Mclaren has the balance right and is clearly not as cautious as Sven the Shagger. I suspect El Tel has had a big influence on the side though and I personally think it was a great decision to appoint him.

    Overall? Great start and with some quality players to come back, who knows?

    Finally though, lets not get carried away yet eh? I have lost count of the amount of times this has happened on the back of one good performance.