England World Cup Squad

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by sparky8, May 8, 2006.

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  1. Walcott in? How??!!
  2. Well why not, he's fast skillful and has plenty of talent. Anyway there are stranger selections than that, David James for one.
  3. Sod Walcott !. Hargreaves is in, so why aren't I ?.

    Our cerebral head coach has taken all the time he could to arrive at the following as England's best effort for strikers.

    newly-crippled Rooney,

    yet-to-play a game since 2005 Owen

    a not-played any club football since January Walcott

    a beanpole who 'gives you options'

    Any one of these is understandable, the risk of any two if you've taken 5 strikers is chancy, but WTF ?. I wonder if the 5th striker was going to be John Prescott until McLaren insisted on taking a Middlesbough player?.
  4. Wait and see,how old was Pele when he played in his first world cup,16 I think. He explained about King,we already have 4 good center halve's why take a crocked one.Listening to the press,all the moaning is coming from the Seven Sisters Road Brigade.

    Good on you Sven,F**king good squad,and some balls from its manager,what else do you want.
  5. pele scored the goal that knocked wales out when he came on as a sub in his frist world cup game.
  6. But at least Pele played a few games for his club before taking the world by storm. As for Hargreaves, you have got to be kidding. Im glad downing and Lennon are in, but no Dafoe or Shaun WP is a mistake in my opinion. We shall wait and see. Looks like Joe Cole will get an advanced roll behined Owen. Sven might even go 4-3-3
  7. Give the lad a chance I say, Wenger rates him highly and traditionally, England have always produced the suprise players of the tournament. I'm just peed off that Scott Parker hasn't been named, he's been awesome all season.
  8. For once I agree with you W_P, but isnt he injured?
  9. I am biased but how can he not take Ledley King? not even on the standby list. This after Erikson made alot of trying to convert him to midfield holding player so that he would be a flexible squad player.
    As for Walcot..... hope he proves me wrong but I think Sven is having a laugh. I am sure we could find a fast 17-18 yrold who has been playing lower division football on a regular basis.
  10. Defoe is on standby so if Rooney doesn't make it I suppose he will come on board. Walcott is faster than Henry, Lennon quick as s**t thats one fast squad.
  11. Give me a semi-fit Ledly King over a supposed to be fit Sol Cambell anyday. Can anyone please explain to me OWEN HARGREAVES ffs

    Edited * Darren Bent, leading English goal scorer in the premiership this year, yet still no place. If Theo Walcott is so good, why has'nt wenger picked him to play in the premiership?
  12. Parker is injured but should be fit for the Cup although taking an injured player is probably unfair to non injured players....... (oo-er missus!)
  13. Why take someone who is crocked ffs.There's no garuntee that King will recover. He has three good centre halve's ahead of Sol.
  14. Wayne Rooney?