England World Cup Squad for SA 2010

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Bazzinho1977, Jun 1, 2010.

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  1. Hmm.

    Having watched every England game for the last 3 years diligently, we have taken some flack for poor performances in the last couple.

    However, we actually played better than we normally do in friendlies IMHO. Now we look to the World Cup.

    Fabio is announcing today. My guess is:

    Green (James, Hart )

    Johnson (Carragher)
    Terry, Ferdinand (King, Upson)
    Cole (Baines)

    Midfield (fairly interchangeable)
    Cole, Lampard, Gerrard, Milner (Barry, Lennon, Walcott, Johnson)

    Rooney (Crouch)
    Defoe (Heskey)

    I think that gives me twenty three. Any offers?
  2. Is Barry fit?
  3. Walcott is getting on a plane with his other half to the Caribbean. Heard it here first.
  4. Wright-Phillips may have done enough on Sunday to push Walcott out, as for the rest, I would pretty much agree

    Sky Sports reckon Barry has passed his medical
  5. SWP in. Barry in. Walcott out then? I reckon Bent can put some leave in too.
  6. His Mrs works there! Its FACT.
  7. What time's the deadline?
    Also heard Walcott got the boot and that Adam Johnson was in.
  8. Deadline is 2300 Hrs tonight, however, you can swap injured players up to 24 Hrs before the first game.
  9. Being Jockanese I've not put too much though into this, other than planning my viewing schedule. But even I find myself shaking my head in disbelief everytime I see Heskey step on to the field in an England shirt.

    The chips have fell off my shoulders over the years, so i'd like to take this opportunity to wish you bon chance, just leave the patio chairs on the ground this time.
  10. * Not that I agree with that decision, I just think Capello prefers him. Personally, I think he's had a great season, scored a hat full of goals for a mediocre team. But whether the Italian wants him or not is the question.
  11. Bent is an excellent striker. Which makes me wonder why, when he was given a chance the other day, he stood on the edge of the 18 yard box pointing at his head instead of playing the way he has all season for Sunderland.
  12. He was looking for the beach ball 8O
  13. Please don't. It still hurts.

    I actually think that he would make a good partner for Mr Torres next season.
  14. But is he a good partner for Rooney / Crouch / Defoe?