England World Cup 2010 Thread (who would you take?)

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by carlbcfc, Dec 10, 2009.

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  1. Football fans only, if you hate the game, then dont waste your time.

    It's started early but fcuk it.

    Our main problem is which strikers to take.

    Does Owen go or what?
    He showed he still has it against Wolfsburg the other night where he had 4 chances, and converted 3.

    I ask you this question:

    Which English striker would you put your house on when given a chance at goal?
  2. i thought Micheal Owen was finished but now im nt sure since ive seen him in a man utd shirt i reckon he will end up goin to the world cup. As for a an England striker to put my house on to score i dont really have a clue the obvious choice is Rooney, bur id say Heskey is just as likely to as well
  3. Heskey, for all his good in setting up play, he is a dope cnut, he'd miss. How mad if he got the winner though?

    Rooney misses a lot too.
  4. Seriously. Kevin Davies and Matty Taylor.
  5. I'm Scottish so I'm obviously jealous at some of the guys you English have got :x

    Rooney for certain . Owen ? Difficult one but he's had lots of experience at previous World Cups so lets see what he's dpoing at the end of the season . Failing Owen then Defoe . I probably wouldn't bother with Hesky or Crouch
  6. Mate im guessing youre a bolton fan n so am i but i dont see either of these to amiing the world cup squad
  7. Spanny, I take it you will be supporting Birmingham City soon then? We seem to have most of your international team either already here, or on the bloody way.

    How about Big Eck' for the new manager?...just wait a few months, lets see how good he is with money to spend. (as we have 20-40million come Jan)
  8. big ech can fukc right off he gave the job up to go to birmingham so he can blood well stay there the twat
  9. Seconded
  10. So will you boys be cheering England on?
  11. Not unless they're playing Argentina . I'm just old enough to remember the Falklands