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England vs Wales vs Australia

I'm going to stick my neck out and go first.

I can't decide on any of those three - to think that one is going out at the Pools is ridiculous.

Was England's terrific victory against the ABs merely a one off, like the 35-18 win against Australia in 2010 was?

If England gets that sort of consistency, then I see no reason why to not view them as favourites in their home tournament. On the other hand, with both Wales and Australia amassing numerous injuries this Autumn, we all know how strong these guys can be.

It's a tough one.
Although, we've all noticed...

The winner of the RWC has always been, excluding the 1991 tournament alone, won by a side that failed to get further than the Quarter Finals of the previous World Cup.

Just like England in 2011. Omens?
Imagine the whining bitternes if Aus doesn't make it out of the group. It will make their unsporting dripping and crying about the Ashes seem like a nice pat on the back.
True that.

I'm finding it hard to believe that a side with the likes of Pocock, Beale, O'Conner, Cooper not reach the knockouts...

On the other hand, I think whoever somes second in the group will also reach the Semis.
That'd probably be against Seth Efrica - but think. Whoever's second must have beaten one of Wales, England or Australia.


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Given that the process of the Tournament is a knock out format, whereby only 2 out of 5 of a group go through, every group is a "Group of Death"
You know what though? I reckon this is fate.

In beating Wales yesterday, I have a massive feeling that in 2015, Australia will fail to reach the QF after losing to Wales.

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