England Vs RSA

theiftaker said:
Republic of South Africa.
And no excuses for the match last night, England were outclassed and we still have two more games to play, so we'd better buck up or we're coming home.
World Champions....

for how much longer ????

I thought we were probably going to be beaten but to be thrashed so comprehensively was humiliating. I could hardly watch the second half.

Until last night I didn't know it was possible to feel embarrassed while sitting in a darkened room with nobody else present.


Lucky to get nil.


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England were brilliant last night - then the referee started the game!!!! :twisted:

:puker: :pale:
Now now, don't be uncharitable. I think it was very nice of England to offer to give SA a game of unopposed rugby in their prep for the World Cup.

They definately didn't show up for a real game.

Have burnt my England shirt and been taking sheeyite all morning.

Odds on they'll lose to Samoa playing like that.

Made an entry in my diary.... simply read.....
What is it about England?

Every time they play a team in green shirts they get hammered. :D

Don't worry though, there will be some British representation in the latter stages of the World Cup; 'Stand up for the Ulstermen!'


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Where's The Guru then? Usually he is first on here spouting pissh about Engerlund being the best thing since sliced bread. Seems to be strangely silent this weekend.

Come on m8, let's hear your excuses for last nights debacle.

Yours ever


Sorry, I couldn't help it... :D

Jason Robinson was the only English player last night who played decently.

There's a reason why the IRFU sacked Brian Ashton less than a year into a 6 year contract as the Irish National Coach in 1998....

He's not a particularly good coach to be fair and I'm being polite in my comments about him.
No excuses from me, I found it embarrassing to watch. In fact I couldn't watch the last 20 minutes. They deserve all the scorn that will be poured on them. I am a proud englishmen, and love my rugby. Playing this afternoon myself at 47 years young.

They should all, bar, Jason Robinson, hand in their jerseys and go and hang their heads in shame.

I'll be the first in line to take it off them. :x
Fantastic game. Good warm up for SA.

Stiil smarting from the drunken pom who got in my face in London after the last world cup bleating on about 26-13.

Wish I had his number now.

Hold a grudge? Me!! Never!

Still big respect to Jason Robinson. Very gutsy performance by him.
Holdfast said:
Playing this afternoon myself at 47 years young.
Me too, but i'm not such an old cunt :D

Paul fucking Sackey. What a waste of skin that man is.
FatBoyGeorge said:
No need for excuses, everything was seen on the pitch. Although I didn't watch the last half hour. Way too uncomfortable.

I've managed to pluck up the courage to ware my shiny new replica shirt at the pub tonight though. Gotta get my money's worth whilst we're still holding the title.

The All Blacks are looking good.
No, the All Blacks are looking fcuking SCARY!

My enjoyment of last night's massacre was tempered by the knowledge that the All Blacks are going to do much, much worse to Scotland... 8O :(
Have England got a first team now?..... I wasn't sure if that was the 'fourths' or a Veterans team!

What is going on with the Home Nations? This is the Bloody World Cup, a time for opportunist rugby, not some second division safe playing tactics!

Flair, Enthusiasm, Winning spirit......Bloody Hard Work! Only the Welsh seem to have this right now and they can only do it in the second half!

This is an embarrassing promotion of the Glorious Game.

When do we start blaming Labour for taking Competitive Sport out of the education system? When we can't even field teams anymore? Thank God for British Military schooling in Germany, where our kids still compete in the arena!

Rant over!
Naturally, I was delighted with the result and still fell a warm glow.... however, I thought the English tried, were brave but hopelessly outgunned. The gap in what is a tired, way past its sell-by-date team and the rest of the world who have constantly injected new blood, new ideas and accepted nothing but the best is now painfully clear. It doesn't give me any pleasure to say this but Ireland are heading down the same drain.

The emergence of what were minnows like Georgia and Namibia (never mind Italy and Argentina whose time has come) will make this discrepency even more apparent. The English (and the Irish) should put out to grass 90% of their team and start again.

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