England vs France

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Praetorian, Mar 11, 2007.

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  1. At last, we look like a team again.

    Well done England!
  2. Yeah good eh. Should be a good match next weekend against the Leek Munchers.

  3. Let's hope they don't ruin things and bring back 'Cardboard' Wilkinson next weekend
  4. Well done lads!!

    All we've got to do now is stuff the eyeties in Rome next weekend and we may actually win the 6 Nations! :thumright:
  5. Ermmm

    Edited to add that Jeremy Guscott is an uncouth arrse. When Tomas Castagnade said that Wilkinson on his day is the best number 10 in the world (I don't think he is, Dan Carter is) Guscott made a snoring noise in the background. If I were Jonny Wilkinson, I'd show Guscott my medal and then put him on his arrse. Go back to being a Gasman, Guscott.
  6. For me, it has to be Shane Geraghty at 10 next weekend. I'd also keep the same Front Row to be honest. Maybe put Vickery in at tight-head, because Freshwater has been useless.
  7. Great match. It’s an open competition again. Next weekend should be good.
  8. I never, ever, thought I'd be cheering on the Scots and Italians!

    Ireland vs Italy will be a corker, the Italians possibly have the most competitive pack, and they're coming off of a string of victories.
  9. Not just me then?
  10. Geraghty is a real prospect, no doubt, and there is a lot to be said in playing him against Wales. But I think that Ashton has Jonny pencilled in at No 10 for the World Cup, nwst fitness issues.
  11. Fair one
  12. Well, apart from the Scotland game, Jonny hasn't impressed at all. Geraghty is consistent for London Irish, and you have a good pairing between 10 and 12 in that they play together every week.

    I'd drop Tindall as well. he was shocking today. And before anyone says "but he scored", my Nan could have scored that, it was a catch and fall over try. I'd start Mathew Tait next week.

    My team would be:

    15) Lewsey
    14) Robinson
    13) Tait
    12) Catt
    11) Strettle
    10) Geraghty
    9) Ellis
    8) Easter
    7) Rees
    6) Worsley
    5) Corry (I had my misgivings, but he's not a liability like Grewcock)
    4) Palmer
    3) White
    2) Chuter
    1) Vickery

    Bench would be Tindall, Perry, Deacon, Flood, Mears, Payne, Lund
  13. Shane Geraghty was absolutely brilliant on his debut - the guy sure can run, weave and dodge.

  14. At Last! England use more Young Guns, and Yes, it worked! Well Done England :thumright:
  15. Eddie Butler actually said something to the point today - "there's Julian White, watching the ball". He is about as much use as a chocolate fireguard.