England Vs. Croatia Tonight

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Ritch, Nov 21, 2007.

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  1. Don't Care, He'll Be Gone Soon.

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  2. Yes.

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  3. No.

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  1. So, we've only got to draw with Croatia to leap-frog the Ruskie's and qualify.

    Just read in the paper that Becks (who?) and Robinson have been axed from the line-up tonight.

    Predictions and do you think McLaren was right to drop the keeper?
  2. we will win tonight, probably 2-1. It would actually suit England better to draw as some of the top seeds for next years euro's are Greece, Switzerland and Austria

    I have no faith in McLaren as a manager, but I think dropping Robinson is not a bad thing. He needs a kick in the arrse
  3. Pedictions?

    We're gonna loooooose. :(

    I don't want us to lose, I want them to win but I have this horrible feeling.
  4. Listened to Steven Gerrard last night saying that this time the team has to step up and do their bit. They should be doing every time they put the England shirt on.
  5. England 5-0, Crouch 3, SWP 1, Gerrard 1. (whats that noise, oh its my alarm clock. Time to get up) :D :D

    Robinson should have been dropped some time ago, confidence is everything to a goalie, however, James is a fine keeper in the form of his life, but there is always that nagging doubt the he will do something stupid.

    Likewise, we should not be looking to Bekham, a player who (when fit) only plays part time football. Give SWP a chance, he's young enthusiastic and his dad would kill him if he doesn’t give 100%

    Maybe, just maybe, Gerrard and Lampard will realise they are team mates and actually look to pass to each other instead of only doing so when there is absolutely no other option whatsoever. :twisted:

    It’s not that they can’t play together, it just seems that they are to worried about the being outdone by each other

  6. Throughly agree with you there Caarps. However, I think McLaren has made a mistake in choosing young Scott Carson who, when playing tonight will earn his first cap. I think James' should be in the net because despite what some people thing its an important game.

    I haven't rated Lampard in the past few games, I'd much prefer to see Gareth Barry giving it his all.
  7. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    2-1 Croatia.

    We will play for a draw, make a mistake, and go 1-0 down. Then we will dig in and equalise. Then we well sit back again before fucking up (again) and go behind again.

    England are shite in situations like this.

    Never mind, not long until 6 Nations starts :D

    (Anyone see Lawrence Daglallio on Top Gear? "Andrex Premiership - soft, and overpriced :D )
  8. I would like to see lump o lard dropped from the line up...................down a very big hole.
  9. I have this awful feeling that England, knowing a draw will suffice, will try and defend a 0-0. He (McClaren) is already talking about playing Crouch up there on his own; that doesn`t sound like the tactics of a team going all out for the win.

    Why do we constantly worry about what other teams are going to do to us, why not let them worry about what WE`RE going to do to them!

    I think I shall have a bet on half-time/full-time draw.
  10. Why, when Lampard is in fine form...Its Gerrard who is struggling with form at the moment. He could do with some time on the bench
  11. During the matches he plays for England, he doesn't seem to have anything to contribute. I have to say though, that for Chelsea, his perfomance has improved.
  12. I'm going to stick my neck on the block and say Carson is the man for the job. He's in good form at the moment - lets give him a chance and i'm sure he'll do fine!

    As for Beckham, I'm also glad that he's not starting (if you believe the papers). SWP is a quality player.

    1-0 to the Engerland!!!!!
  13. Lampard is known in our house as Mr Missed opportunity................amongst other names.
  14. Lampard is Crap Draino. He sucks the fat one. He is unable to lift a midfield / team when all around him are failing in the manner that SG does.

    Of course that may be because SG has to do it far more often than Lamps does.....

    To the match. I HOPE we lose. Badly.

    There is no way on this earth that we should be scrabbling around for results at this stage, and having to rely on someone else to win was frankly embarrassing.

    The England "Golden Generation" is a busted flush. I want to see the FA fail. I want to see wholesale root and branch reform starting with the pigs at the trough at the top.

    I want the FA to be forced to examine how their series of poor decisions as far as the management of the game in England is concerned has failed the current generation of players.

    I want the current crop of England players to be quietly sidelined and a new crop brought through, from the lower leagues if necessary. I wouldn't mind seeing them lose every match if they did it in a manner that showed me that they care about the shirt they wear.

    I want to see a manager appointed on his merits, not whether or not he will toe the line.

    Finally. Dammit I want England to play Football. Not the insipid disjointed rubbish that they will play, and will continue to play whilst the FA continue to believe that their service to the country begins and ends at the bank balance.
  15. You mean like Steve G lifted the midfield against Russia???

    20 goals a season from midfield hardly makes someone crap now does it

    edited to add - does everyone know that there will be a lap of honour around Wembly tonight for selected servicemen recently returned from Ops (not just English servicemen either)