Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by The-Goose, Jan 10, 2008.

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  1. Who is going?
  2. Do you honestly want all 82,000 names??
  3. Quality!
  4. Speaking of which, is there likely to be an ARRSE fantasy league? i'd really like to keep my mid table mediocrity up after the RWC
  5. Im on it already, but the website we use for the fantasy league hasn't enabled a VI nations version yet, as the France squad hasn't been announced yet.

    Watch this space.
  6. cheers Prae. I'd like to say that I'll be laughing at everybody from the table, but I think that's somewhat unlikely.
  7. Well, Ive done the New Zealand of choking at the final round for last years Vi nations and the World Cup now, so this must be my year!

    As long as I beat the_Matelot!
  8. what time is the kick off?
  9. 1630 hrs
  10. We'll be in the Hobgoblin that was, in twickers gettin laggin! :lol:
  11. I will be in the South Stand!
  12. :(
  13. England XV: I Balshaw (Gloucester); P Sackey (Wasps), M Tindall (Gloucester), T Flood (Newcastle), D Strettle (Harlequins); J Wilkinson (Newcastle), A Gomarsall (Harlequins); A Sheridan (Sale Sharks), M Regan (Bristol), P Vickery (Wasps, capt), S Shaw (Wasps), S Borthwick (Bath), J Haskell (Wasps), L Moody (Leicester), L Narraway (Gloucester).
    Replacements: L Mears (Bath), M Stevens (Bath), B Kay (Leicester), T Rees (Wasps), R Wigglesworth (Sale Sharks), D Cipriani (Wasps), L Vainikolo (Gloucester).
  14. What the @@@??1!!! does Balshaw have to do to be dropped? Nice guy, by all accounts, but please, please, someone take him out and shoot him... I think he must have compromising photos of the selectors in bed with animals - it's the only explanation.

    Meanwhile, Josh Lewsey twiddles his thumbs.


    (Edit) As an illustration, if that fumble-handed delicate-boned sideways runner is in, where the HELL is JSD, who's had a storming season? Check out the Saxon's backs - they're more of an attacking threat than this lot. It's just bizarre.
  15. Whats happened to Lewsey, whys he not in the England line up?