England V Wales 62:5 - what a result!

I've looked and not found a thread on this. Whilst not the most taxing of games (nor the strongest team Wales have ever fielded by far).......

But my god I enjoyed us banging home try after try and the home of Rugby...
England to win by 12 points....
Score predictions for the game on Sat?
That was a B / C Welsh team, but nonetheless a polished performance considering. Current rumours are that France is also sending a fringe-player team over, so possibly another large score. Unfortunately neither of these results do / will give any indication of where England currently stand in relation to the other Top 5 nations.

For example, could they possibly expect such a degree of forward domination against a full-strength South Africa, another team who prides themselves on their robust forward play? New Zealand?

Saturday was a good start to the World Cup warm up, but there's still a lot to prove.
God i hope that they do well i am off to watch the match sat....

Oh well lot's of beer anyway.....
Mr_Bridger said:
England to win by 12 points....
Well that proved to be a load of old tosh didn't it :)
Can the Taffs release a video of the match and distribute it with as much enthusiasm as their other pile of shite "victory day" (the video of when they last beat England) or something like that back in '98?
After yesterday I wouldn't get your white ribbons for the cup yet...
Not too bothered if England do well or badly (I am a Guernseyman of Irish descent who has lived longer in South Africa than the UK): I just hate Welsh rugby (a relic of having served under the worst CO 22RA ever had (a plastic taff, who though born and raised in Reading to English parents acted more welsh than a welsh thing).
Nice one Dread.

Your hatred of Welsh rugby is based on an Englishman's attempt to pass himself off as Welsh?! :?

Coincidentally,my money's on your former temporary home,South Africa,for this World Cup. :D
Every time the CO felt he had to re-inforce his welshness he would make the mess watch welsh rugby matches on video. There where also a couple of inbred mongs from the valleys pretenting to be competent RA officers (one even hyphenated his name because he thought he was too posh to simply have a single surname).
Was he in any way related to that Brainstorm copper up in North Wales? :banned:

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