England v USA tonight......

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by PandaLOVE, May 28, 2008.

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  1. As deeply patriotic as I am I cannot stretch it to our football team. Sorry, I just can't. For some shameful reason eating away at me I just 'get off' on watching the football millionaires club under perform game after game after game.

    I think it is because I despise everything about Beckham, Lampard, Terry, Rooney, Gerrard, A. Cole, J. Cole, and now Capello (the new look of a loser) and I love to see them cry! "I fell over" :cry: .......

    Toinghts result to be a resounding defeat to the Yanks. Here's to hoping. Afterall, they didn't have the balls to make the Euro finals so how do they expect me to 'get up' for this friendly?

    I wonder how many will slounch to the National Anthem unshaven and chewing gum again. At least cry baby Terry has been given a pacifying captaincy allowing him hero status again.

    Am I the only one who feels this way?

    Maybe I'll post something more positive if they show some balls tonight.
  2. All i can say, thats the first time the engerlish at wemberley havent booed a oppositions national anthem.

    Well done?

  3. Why are they even bothering to play this? all they moan about is 'too many games' etc etc. Don't play pointless friendlies is the answer to that!!!!
  4. I was suprised about this aswell!
  5. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Even Hull City drew a bigger crowd at the weekend.

    The players don't care about the national team, because the fcukers don't get hundreds of thousand thrown at them by England - unlike at their clubs.

    Why should we care when they don't?
  6. Was it me, or was John Terry crying whilst he celebrated his goal tonight???

    Edit to add: Just seen replay, and think i'm talking arrse! :oops:
  7. Good header.
  8. yeah - shame i was in the kitchen when it happened......
  9. Not really, they will get beat :twisted:
  10. Thought he was getting a bit red eyed too. 8O
  11. If it wasn't England, then i'd laugh in your face! But it is England so you never know........ 8O
  12. Not quite but John Motson made the expected silly footie commentator big deal over it. All we need is Ant & Dec to make 'emotional rollercoaster' similarities and we'll have the set. Wonder how daft the tabloid headlines will be over it in the morning, no doubt front page news with the red tops.

    The England team problem is as clear to see as the last World Cup. The Beckhams, Gerrards, Lampards and now the Hargreaves of this world justling for the popularity vote by attempting to out do each other with the perfect long ball. The longer the better it seems. It also seems of little consequence that their long balls fly way over the heads of the attended target, as long as the sexy long ball is played shirt sales will be on the up!
  13. Even if they do win...considering the money, time, training and mollycoddling invested in the England players (as opposed to their American counterparts that aren't fortunate enough to play for the Rangers) there is no reasonable excuse for them not to beat the U.S. That result should be expected, not hoped for. We're not that good (which doesn't mean I'm not rooting for them. :oops: ).
  14. I hope your not bigging up Rankgers on an england thread?

  15. Not likely, since I eat the wafer. :twisted:

    Just pointing out that young DaMarcus Beasley is one of the few U.S. players that doesn't have a tin shed for a changing room at his regular job!