England v Tonga

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by the_guru, Sep 29, 2007.

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  1. Seeing as none of the Oatmeal Ethnics are cheering in the streets of Raith tonight, I will start the debrief.

    I think England looked better last night than I have seen them play in a couple of years. The forwards linked together very well, Jonny, despite a couple of misses seems to be getting the backs functioning, Noon had a solid game and Paul Sackey scored another couple of excellent tries, most notably the first one, which took a fantastic piece of skill to get the ball down before going out of play. Even Andy Farrell broke his duck with a nice piece of skill.
    Whilst in no way trumpeting the England team as world beaters, I do think that Englands performance last night will take them in to the game in Marseille with a good but more confidence.
  2. There were some encouraging little flashes of inspiration during the game, certainly. The link up between Wilkinson & Sackey to catch the Tongan defence on the hop was a joy to watch.

    Who knows, maybe the Wallabies will have an off-day at Marseills in a week's time? :rose:
  3. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    While I agree that England played better rugby than they have in this tournament up to date, the game was really one of the old cliches, "A game of 2 halves". First half Tonga held you very well and if you play to that standard against the Wallabies then you will be beaten beofre the half time whistle.

    I don't know what was said at half-time but you came out and started to play the game. Your backs showed a lot more cohesion and because they were not defending all the time, were able to create some moves. However the Tongan defense still gave you a hard time and some really heavy tackles were going in.

    All in all England deserved this win, but on that show don't book tickets to watch them on 20 Oct.

    The referee did not have a great game IMHO. He got in the way of play too often and was so close that both sides were using him to shield the ball coming out of ruck/maul. There was so much going on in the scrum that would cause your granny to blush so I suppose he did well to keep the game flowing and not stop for every infringement - if he did then they would be play still !!.

    My brother's sense of timing is sh*te as he has organised a ceildh for tonight with CC1 attendance. I will probably excuse myself around 8 pm! To make things worse it is such a small village that the local hotel (the only pub) don't have a TV in the Bar :cry:
  4. That's almost as bad as a Corps player I know getting married on Army Navy weekend!!! Muppet!
  5. First England game I've enjoyed and not turned off in a strop in quite a while.

    Seems Johnny is back on form and covering the pitch like 85% of the legend he was last time round.

    I thought we were lucky a few times, and grateful that the Tongan technical game was a little weak.

    Olly seems to have lost a little magic that was there in the first game, but at least we should be in a slightly better position not to be white washed by the Ozzies.

    I think Marseille will see us issued a warrant home, if we'd drawn Argentina I'd be a little more hopeful. All blacks will crumble in the semi's and Australia will win the cup!
  6. If you'd drawn Argentina you'd have been in a completely different group :?

    Or the draw would have been different? Surely you mean Fiji?