England v Scotland 6 Nations

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Vegetius, Feb 23, 2006.

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  1. Obviously, England are going to win at Murrayfield on Saturday.

    By what margin, though?

    Any ideas?

    I'd say given the Jocks' current form it might be close, but I'm thinking maybe a ten point margin to God's Country.
  2. So if you think God's own country are going to win then you obviously mean Scotland will be victorious. :D

  3. Did you think of that witty come back your self?
  4. I have a pearl on Scotland winning the whole thing at 66/1. I like those odds, so you's are going down! :lol:
  5. Well, considering everyone hates the English, I expect the Scots to put up a valient defense. However, I can see England 'gelling' finally, and giving them a good pasting, as the Lord intends!
  6. I bribed match official Alan Lewis last Friday night, so I am afraid England will lose. Strangely enough he agreed to throw the game our way in exchange for two bottles of Budweiser. Asked if it was worth setting two bottles of yank fizz versus his reputation as an international rugby official to throw the game in Scotland's favour, he quite properly said (I papraphrase this slightly, we had had a few drinks) "England are a bunch of *****, that twat Dallaglio has had it coming for a long while I can ******* tell you and Andy Robinson is an arrogant gaylording sod. My great grandad was out in the 1916 and my auntie was raped by the Black and Tans. **** those Brit bastards, they are going down. The *****. Another Bud? Don't mind if I do." Gospel, I swear...
  7. Sounds like my money is safe :)
  8. I say let the rugby do the talking and in a month or so's time us english will be laughing.....wait and see! :lol:
  9. Three times apparently...the smart money is on England but sometimes a little bit of passion, a cold day in Edinburgh and enough years of being lead to the second place enclosure...well it has happened before.
  10. Underestimating any team and thinking it's in the bag, exposes unintentional weaknesses to the opposition. Complacency is for losers. Gonna be a great game though. Cant wait.
  11. Dunno why, but I've got the feeling this is gonna be one of those close, nail-biting affairs score-wise. Something like 23-25 (for England). However, the Jocks could just upset the apple-cart and hand them a right spannering.

  12. Don't even think of underestimating home advantage - or they will send us homeward to think again!
  13. Outstanding, not to be picky or anything it's 'Send them hameword, tae think again'!
  14. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    God's country to win in the last quarter. Bagpipes playing and fingers and toes seriously crossed.........
  15. £20 on England to win 23-6