England v Pakistan Test Thread

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by slipperman, Jan 17, 2012.

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  1. I know there are a few ARRSERs that follow Cricket, so would appreciate your views on the series as it unfolds. I always thought this would be a true test of our No 1 status and events so far today have only confirmed my concerns. Some of our batsmen looked very naive against the Pakistani spinners. Thank God for Matt Prior and the tail. Personally, I would seriously have considered playing Monty Panesar as a second spinner in this Test, but I will reserve judgement until we have seen Pakistan batting.
    Plus points so far: Matt Prior and Graham Swann on the field. Off the field, "Bumble" arseing about in the Sky Sports studio and predictable Boycott damnation on TMS!
    Great to see a packed stadium! :)
  2. Yep half expected this and at the risk of stating the bleeding obvious we do not handle the turning ball well primarily as we don't move our feet. Certainly take your point about Panesar .Wonder if our seamers will get anything out of this track.
  3. Standing room only by the looks of it...

    Is there actually anyone in the stadium apart from players and officials?
  4. Looking like we will find out sooner than we would have wanted! :) Oh, forgot to add - Ajmal is a class act.
  5. The top order collapse is unforgivable. Especially given the ability of the lower order to make runs in a relatively sensible fashion. Top marks so far to Prior, but also to Swann (always a decent player when the chips are down) and Anderson who, I think, has just exceeded his test average.

    I too have a feeling that Monty should have played ... Wouldn't have helped this awful batting display, mind, and we will see when it comes to the bowling.

    I expect they've got Pieterson twirling away in the nets like crazy at the moment!
  6. On the upside, I'm in the pub watching it on Sky, when I ought to be working!
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  7. And finally, Ajmal 7-55 - well bowled.
  8. Agreed - an excellent bowler and surely the No 1 spinner in the world at the moment (Graham Swann included). The one plus from this shambolic batting display is that it gives England an opportunity to knock off a few wickets before close of play. Well played Matt Prior.
    Bob Willis predictably spitting bile in the Sky studio! :)
  9. As usual with Willis .Saw him walking near Richmond Park last spring and he really looks a miserable sod.
  10. Face like a slapped arse! To be fair, he knows his stuff and has earned the right to slate a shambolic batting performance.
  11. Yes fair call.
  12. Oh dear. England 192 all out. Pakistan 42 for no wicket at close of play, making the pitch look totally placid. We need a good day tomorrow. It already looks like we are a front line spinner short.
  13. Or would do if the ******* could bowl.

    Not looking forward to tomorrow!
  14. We had a bad day in the office, watch the media slaughter them in tomorows papers and forget all the good we have done over the past few years. Theres still plenty more to play for, we have turned things around in the past but fear this Test wont be one of them as we were too complacent and thought it would be a case of turn up and win. Not all great sides like the Aussies have won every day/game so wont write the English team off just yet and hopefully see them learn from their mistakes.
  15. They need to play out of their skins for the rest of this match, but even if they do they are unlikely to turn it round. But they need to do it in preparation for making a better fist of the next two matches. Hopefully we will win the series 2-1, but there is no guarantee of that. Pakistan are a decent side, and we will have to perform consistently well, session after session; day after day.