England v Netherlands

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by BlackStonePanda, Feb 29, 2012.

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  1. So, now thats over what were your thoughts on the game ladies and gents? I'll start the ball rolling by saying Welbeck shouldn't of started, maybe not even been on the bench, Formation was all wrong, and Joe Hart didn't exactly look his best. Sturridge, Cahill, Baines and Richards had an awesomegame. How is the team shaping up for the future and what sort of squad are we reckoning for the Euros?!
  2. Hopefully now that we have lost we won’t get a great British Press campaign demanding the ‘British Lion/Bulldog (note the word British) Pearce get the job full time.

    Brian Clough was right, he wasn’t good enough to play for England and he isn’t good enough to manage England. He will be another in a long line of great English management failures.

    As for the crook Redknap, he can f*ck off too

    While we have a press that dominates everything we will never be contenders for anything more than gallant losers.
  3. Decent game. Good entertainment. I think Sturridge is international quality.

    I ******* hate Arjen Robben. Always have. Always will
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  4. Who should we have?
    I'm not bothered about Redknapp and his tax dodging exploits more the fact he's won next to **** all compared to Capello or Eriksson.
    As ever, the press only gives the public what it wants.
  5. Football is the sport of puffs and hats.
  6. Can I just say tommorow is St Davids day and I wish you all misery and misfortue? Hahahahahhahahahah!
  7. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Oh dear, how sad, never mind.

    It's only wendyball after all :)
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  8. Even better than that England got battered by the Cloggies, what's not too like?
  9. Couldn’t agree more (the shock of it :) )
    Capello and Eriksson have indeed been amongst our most successful managers but the nation (sports writers) pine for the great passionate Englishman, remember Keegan.

    The best men, in my opinion, Ferguson, Mourinho even Wenger (ending his time at club level). Not a chance though, so we will get King Harry, who will come in, over achieve for a while and after he has moved on we will find out he has hocked the family silver for the short term success. The man has form !
  10. It could be worse, we could lose at absolutely f*cking everything ^~

  11. Or even puffs who wear hats, I like pink, what's your favorite colour ^~
  12. Could have been worse, we could have lost to Costa coffee, and we could have been mourning a man who died in a terrible sex game accident (allegedly). Even worse than that we could have recent appointed Chris Coleman as manager :)
  13. Hodgson for England!
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  14. Now stop that..its silly. In these modern and enlightened times you can no longer refer to people who have different sexual orientation to you or I as 'puffs'. They have rights to be protected against homophobic bigots ..... the general population would be be 'shocked' and 'outraged and bring the full power of the law against you if they heard you.

    Mind you you have a point -I cant stand the dirty pillow biting,hamster chuffing, reach around,faggoty mincing queers either. *****