England v Ireland Sat 27 Feb - ARRSER looking for ticket

This is really a last ditch effort. Having been let down at the last moment for a ticket for the Eng v Ire match at Twickewrs on Sat, I am committed to coming back to UK this weekend, i.e. tunnel booked hotel, wife going shopping etc. I am not looking for anything free, I am willing to pay or donate to any charity wished, but can anyone out in Arrseland offer me 1 ticket for the match on Sat. I am travelling over from Germany and will be in Dover Fri night. RV at your convenience and as said wiling to pay. Anyone help??
Thanks C&H. Just for myself, is that a given? You will understand that I am a bit 'not sure' about getting tyhe wife to drive me all the way in only to find that getting a ticket from that means is a non syter. Any idea how much I would be looking at....never done that before. Sory to sound like a wimp, but having watched the TV too often when the chance came up I went for it only to be let down. Muggins!!

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