England -v- Holland Soccer game

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by exile1, Aug 12, 2009.

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  1. Is it coincidental that England are playing cr@p in defence after a winning streak with the fact that the indolent Ferdinand is back in the team and look like losing at half time?
  2. The fatal back pass x 2.
  3. Yep, JW..... good to see Beckham and Rooney playing well tho'
  4. Lak of concentration, lack of willingness to take responsibility in defence- hopefully Capello is giving them all a big kick up the arrse as I write, especially Ferdinand...
  5. nicely taken by jermaine defoe!
  6. much better second half, some good balls from Frank lampard and some nice stuff from Defoe, Carlton Cole and Milner...woulda won it handsomely if they'd been switched on to it in the first half!
  7. who the f'ck calls it soccer?
  8. About 346 million Americans and 30 million Canadians to name but a few.
  9. that doesnt make it right.
  10. lucky for engerland that the dutch sacked it for the second half.
  11. so, a bunch of people who know fuck all about the sport call it by that name... you including yourself in that category...? :?
  12. Everyone knows what it's really called.

    "Hello Mrs Smith, is your Billy coming out to play togger?"

    The local team where I live is called Hull City or, to give them their full title:
    Hull City Nil
  13. I'd say the dutch goals in the first half came from Ferdinand and Barry's errors rather then the Dutch playing especially well...oh well, here we go, 9 months of rising excitement, the creeping belief that 'maybe we can really do it this time' followed by inevitable crushing disappointment when we go out in the quarter finals!
  14. happens everytime. tenner for Ronaldo to put england out. AGAIN.
  15. twice that many think Allah is the one true god, doesnt make em right does it. Its football.

    As I saw it, the two Dutch goals were gifts from Ferdinand and Barry (the two Manc teams combining well). Other than that, I didn't see much of a threat from them. Second half, Defoe and Cole certainly caused them problems. Cole played a blinder and has the ability to hold the ball up as well as play a little bit. I would defiantly select him over Heskey/Crouch any day