England v Ghana

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Arters, Mar 29, 2011.

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  1. Good to see our Lads and Lasses in DPM actually singing our Anthem and looking like true professionals, unlike the overpaid ******* they were standing behind.

    Sorry, I'm not a true Football Fan 'cos I support Glazier Utd.
  2. Funny to see one of our colonials singing theirs as well.
  3. Oh, dear, I recorded this and on Playback I noticed that our Lads/Lasses were actually singing -

    A is for Arrsehole all covered in S**t, Hey Oh! says Roly,

    and B is the B*****d who revels in it, singing Roly Poly up 'em and stuff 'em, Hey Oh! says Anthony


    I'm up early due to having a bad back, she was on it all yesterday!!!
  4. 1. I wish someone would take out that bloody brass band. Am I the only one sick to death of hearing the theme to The Great Escape 25 times every ******* match?

    /pedant on...

    2. Get the lyrics to the last line of our National Anthem correct. It's God save THE Queen not God save OUR Queen. Slack and slovenly. Then again, I'm all for bringing back the verse about smiting Jackobites.

    3. I an English man. I'm English when I'm alive and I'm English when I'm dead; so why sing I'm England till I die?

    /pedant off...

    (Slopes off to make the coffees...)