England v Australia 1-day series thread

So the Ashes are done and dusted, leaving just the small matter of 2 x 20/20 games and a staggering 7 ODI's against the Aussies.
Paul Collingwood reckons the Aussies were saved by the rain on Sunday when England staggered to 4 for 2 in 1.1 overs - in your dreams Colly. :)
So, on to the deciding 20/20 game this evening at Old Trafford (again!) - which begs the question, why hold both of them at the same venue up north, where you are almost guaranteed Duckworth and Lewis coming into play! :?

Anyway, my money is on an Australian victory tonight and for England to edge the 1-day series 4-3.
We need to be able to play well against the new ball & brett lee!
Who was to quick for our openers the other day.

At least we won the ashes!!!!
Lee looked awesome the other day - he has been dying to get off the leash for weeks. Even as an England supporter, I am looking forward to him tearing in again!
Cracking game today and it sets up the rest of the series. 1-0 to the Aussies with 6 to play. Come on England!
What a shame. 2-0 to the Aussies and they don't even like the 50 over format. As in the first game, the openers let us down. It's no good leaving the middle order and tail enders to up the run rate as we are sadly lacking on this front. Let's hope, in the next one, the top order can actually get the run rate to a reasonable rate.
And the Shah run out? I've seen more understanding among the village teams.
Marks out of 10? Collingwood maybe 7 but was lucky not to play on a few times.
Strauss? 6 for team member, 1 for captain. Has he made a decent decision yet? Why keep your power play until Harmison comes in?
Bopara? 3, this is a 50 over match, not a 5 day test. 4 overs before he managed to score. Same as the first one, the run rate WILL increase if you only manage 1 or 2 an over.
The jury's out on the rest of them. Prior OK behind the wicket, terrible in front of it.
On the Aussie side, glad Lee wasn't available for the full tests, doubt if the result would have been the same but, whilst he kept the runs down, wasn't very effective at getting wickets until the lower order came in. Mind you, cracker of a ball for Collingwood.
Let's hope the selectors have a good think before the next one.
Exbleep; thanks for joining in, I thought it may be my BO or something!
Much as I detest the constant tinkering with the 1-day team, it is obvious they have not find the right balance for this series.
Hopefully Denly will be fit for the next game and can open. Why they are persisiting with Prior as the 1-day keeper is beyond me. He is a test-standard batsman, but he has never convinced me in the 1-day format. Surely Stephen Davies or James Foster are the best options?
Jimmy Anderson needs to be given a breather - especially as they have just called up Graham Onions.
As for Shah! A total panic merchant who needs to be sent packing - what is he on? Finally, stop farting about and pick Rashid - he is ready!
On the Aussie side, I think Brett Lee is looking awesome at the moment - one of my favourite players and great to see him roaring in and bowling at 90mph+.
Not to worry, we only need to win 4 of the 5 remaining games to secure my prediction and why worry, they only have Ricky Ponting coming back! :)
Sad, really. Outclassed in all departments. Are they getting tired? I know the Aussies have also gone through a gruelling (and let us never forget, they lost the Ashes) series but they seem to have picked it up a few notches. Not only could we not post a decent score to chase, but the fielding seemed pretty abysmal today. No fire, no interest and a pretty lacklustre performance all round. At least Collingwood seemed to have a little bit of a spark but who was it who thought Prior would make a good number 3?
So, best we can hope for is a draw. To get that, we'll need to up the game a lot.
Hopefully, the selectors will have a good think before the next match.
Then again, the Aussies will have a dilemma if Ponting comes back in. Obviously he would be a replacement for White but, after today, it would take a brave selector to swap him. Oh, that we had such problems.
exbleep said:
Sad, really. Outclassed in all departments. Are they getting tired?
Not outclassed mate. Out thought and played with a number of big bad decisions from top to bottom.

1. England lost the second ODI, so cunning plan; play the same team again.

2. Shah. Like a bunny in headlights (Plus being a Kent supporter he ruined Joe Denlys' chance of an England start. Twat)

3. See ya Mat P, for gods sake bring back James Foster to the OD Squad, he is the best on the circuit.

4. Look more at county players who would give their all for the shirt. Napier at Essex, Hamilton-Brown at Sussex, Trego and Hildreth at Somerset, Tredwell at Kent whose one day bowling is better than Swanns. (And a few you could probably name just as well)

5. Where is Rashid (Oh forgot, he bowled and batted well. Drop him!!)

6. Sorry Ryan you ain't cutting it. The odd glimpse is not good enough

7. Why have we not got a specialist limited over coach rather than Fowler (Excellent test coach) someone like Andy Hurry at Somerset or Sussex's Mark Robinson

23859. We could all go on but enough is enough and like all teams we will be back again at Lords for wishful thinking again.

HH (not miserable, just frustrated)


Potential Solutions:

1. Sort out a position for Prior. Hasn't worked out at 3 neither did opening.

2. Ditch Shah. Shah has had too many chances and not deleived enough. I know he's batted too low sometimes but to average 30 after 63 ODI's is not good enough.

3. Sort out the rest of the middle order. Kevin Pietersen coming back solves one place and they should give Trott a go.

4. Collingwood. Yes he's a useful one day player. But so is Luke Wright ,Adil Rashid etc I think 1 of Collingwood, Wright and Rashid should play. That way we can free up a space and allow another batsman or bowler in.

5. Rest Anderson. He's not at his best so let him play some county cricket or rest him all together. With South Africa and the Champions Trophy coming up I'd rather he didn't play he some ODI series that we are most likely going to get thrashed in.
Format09. Agree with Point 1. Maybe stick him in at 5 or 6.
Point 2. Again, agreed. Loved the crowd shouting "run....no, go back....run....no, go back".
Point 3. Would like to see Trott back, possibly sharing the 5 or 6 slot with Prior.
Point 4. I don't think we could afford to lose Collingwood. He has a good attitude and is a great team player who brings a lot to the side. If Broad comes back in, I would pick Rashid over Wright, if not then still keep Wright. Morgan did well but not that good in the field, maybe too many pies?
Point 5. Yes, Anderson unfortunately appears to have lost it. Looks absolutely petrified with a bat in his hand and is getting very wayward with the ball. The Aussies appear to have sussed him completely and know exactly where the ball is going to go and have time to welly it somewhere.

My points. Bopara has to go. In this format, he cannot get the run rate up high enough to pose any problems. He hasn't posted a 50 in 11 matches which is, quite frankly, not good enough to give problems to the opposing team. He is also very slow off the mark and I don't think he has reached double figure until his sixth over, which is fine in tests but not good enough in limited overs.

Trouble is, we then need another medium to fast bowler. Onions? Maybe but, with the way the openers and middle order seem to throw their wickets away, we need someone who can hold his own with a bat and his average of around 10 wouldn't give us a chance if the run race was on. Let's hope Broad is fit for the remainder of the series.
So Collingwood is to be rested for the next 3 one day games (good) and Anderson for the next two (also good). Hopefully England will continue the cleansing for tomorrow and drop Bopara and bring in Rashid and Denly.
My question is; what happens if England's new look team win the next 3 games to bring it back to 3-3? (stop laughing at the back). Would they bring back Collingwood and Anderson for the decider? I think they should have gone the whole hog and sent them both home for the rest of the series instead of leaving the door open for them to come back at the end. They are both shattered, seem to be going through the motions and need a complete break.
Anyhow, back to the game tomorrow. As ever, I am full of optimism and have my money on England getting off the mark at last!
Team for the match:

Shah (last chance saloon)

Bit of a long tail, but I don't think they have any other batsmen in the squad - I would certainly have Trott in there if he was able to play.
Well, some of the requirements have been met. Players dropped because they are too tired and play too much cricket. Poor darlings.
However, Anderson out a good thing. Collingwood out not so sure. Still reckon he's a good team player who gives his all. Bopara may still play tomorrow which would definitely not be a good thing (now he'll go and score a ton in record time to prove me wrong, well hopefully he will and I'll be the first to sing his praises).
For the Aussies, Ponting is back in. Wonder who they'll drop? The obvious one is White who stepped in for him but he's been so good that it would take a brave selector to drop him.
Haven't heard if Broad is fit yet. Hope so as he is desperately needed.
Actually took Mrs Bleep shopping this evening so I won't have to get disturbed tomorrow.
Made a mistake in last post as we can still win (now, call me an optimist if you will, or a bleeding idiot) as I thought it was out of 6 not 7. Personally, I wouldn't bet my house on it but with the Aussies being 3 up, maybe they'll rest some of their good players to make a good final match. Then again, they could probably field the second team for Kookaburra Wanderers and still beat the lot we put in for the last match.
(Keep telling yourself, we won the Ashes, we won the Ashes, this is just a sideshow).
Not going to plan at all, this. Not even sticking out for the 50 overs is a cardinal sin. Prior failing with the bat again. Bopara promising start if a bit slow but fizzling out. Admittedly, Lee was fantastic with a real belief in himself. 5 wickets and 4 of those knocking the stumps out.
Ho hum. Wish I'd taken the missus shopping today, instead.
We just do not have the batting to win.
Posting 220 odd is so easy to get over 50 overs.
We are really missing Pitterson & Flintoff!

Just glad i did not buy any tickets to see England play!!
I was at the ODI on tuesday and I dont think its the case of England not having the batting power cause they made 299 :eek: which is a great score. Australia are just in a class of their own to chase down that score. I dont think England would of made that score if the aussies played Brett Lee and as for Ricky Ponting well that man is awesome, what a player he is.
And todays performance? OMG! Possibly the worst ever. 41 overs and bye bye. Maybe we could try a normal county team for the last one, at least then we'd have and excuse. TBH, I didn't even bother watching all of the match today and just flicked over during adverts on other progs.
The trip to South Africa may just be a tad exruciatingly embarrassing.

(We won the Ashes, this is just a sideshow, we won the Ashes, this is just a sideshow.....still bloody annoying, though)
I think it is time to make a u-turn on my original prediction of an England series win! I have my money on 7-0 to the Aussies. :cry:
We have been totally outclassed, but what has really made me angry is that at times, some of our players just didn't seem to be up for it. I feel sorry for the paying customers, watching that shower of sh*te, but at least they can claim to have watched some world class cricket (Ponting and Lee in particular).
I can't believe it starts all over again next week in South Africa, but the way we are playing, it will be a short tournament!
You're just trying to cheer us by avoiding a 7-0 drubbing. 6 losses and 1 drawn due to bad weather would, at least, stop the record books being rewritten.
Unfortunately, the weather forecast for Durham tomorrow is pretty good....where's that damn rain when you need it.

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