England under Martin Johnson

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Murphy_Slaw, Apr 16, 2008.

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  1. good news for England

    Good news at last for England rugby.
    Now if only they can keep the politics out of the changing room and FFS give him a decent run of it.
    The players will follow him anywhere, i just hope he is allowed to pick his own team of coaches to help.
  2. Lets hope the RFU can stop the backbiting and support him 100%. Good appointment but they've treated Ashton in a disgraceful manner in my opinion.
  3. Runners up in the World Cup. Best 6 Nations performance in 5 years.

    Time to build on success? Oh no, not the English!! Demote the coach and bring in someone with no managerial or coaching experience, coz he was an inspirational captain.

    Good luck fellas, could be a bumpy ride ahead for you lot the next 12 months.
  4. Potty, Your posts are all so frightfully samey.

    The choice of Jonno is an interesting one. He has the respect of the players and other coaches alike, but it's the issues that surround the game that will hold it up, not what moves he chooses for the backs to run.

    Good luck I say. I just hope we start from scratch like we should have done after we won the RWC.
  5. If Ashton had had better team selection we would of won the 6 Nations and we only got to the World Cup Final because of the players and that was in spite of Ashton, not because of him.

    As long as Jonno picks the right staff, he'll do a good job.
  6. Sorry Rapier I think you are in FAntasy land if you think that England Squad could have won the six nations.

    They ran out of juice too early in matches and the Welsh were head and shoulders, both in style and grit, above anything the other sides were producing. I say this as an Englishman.

    My first piece of coaching advice to the players were I Jonno? Hey fellas these matches last 80 Minutes - not 60......
  7. England have been far too conservative IMHO of late. Ashton was too hung up on past players, especially from Bath (why Lewsey didn't play in he 6 nations is still a mystery) England have lacked punch, they fail to produce quick ball and allow defenses time to organise. Johnno might not have any coaching experience, but he understands the modern game. With the right coaching team behind him, I think the future looks promising.
    The danger is that the press will not give him time.
    One thing is for sure, anyone not giving a 100% for the team won't last long.
  8. Hold on, he's an old school English second row forward. He doesn't even know the team has backs, let alone that they're supposed to be given the ball and are supposed to run with it!
  9. It's you that live in Fantasy Land. We lost to Wales by a couple of points!! And if England had turned up in the second half would have won that game, which also means the Six Nations Title.
  10. In my honest and unprofessional opinion, as an independent observer, who has exactly the same criticism of my own beloved Ireland...

    The problem was never the coach, but the core squad of 22 players. Back in 2003 England had a fantastic squad of players. It made managements job a lot easier having a dependable squad from which to choose the best team. I think England (and Ireland) still has an extremely talented squad. Just a case of forming that backbone and letting them play. When things don't go well naturally the axe always falls at the top, and it's a trade off between letting a good team play and gain experience, or make changes for the short gain.

    England have to let go of playing 'Wilkinsonesque' rugby, and look to developing a game on their strengths, like the pack. They were immense in the the World Cup, and the six nations- probably the best in the world. Much in the same light that Ireland has been playing O'Driscoll to the death, and now it's just boring, and it's not working anymore.

    Hopefully Jonno can instil the same spirit that he appeared to have in 03. Good luck to him, and I hope the fans, players and the union aren't to quick to judge.
  11. Time is what he'll need (IMHO), something few coaches in the past few years have been given!
  12. We lost to Wales in the Second half. The history books record that it was their Grand Slam. We had that game won at Half time - what happened? Hence my comment about it being an 80 minute match.

    We did not DESERVE to win that title. Wales won it playing expansive rugby when they could and tight rugby when they needed to. And they never knew when to give up.

    All in all they were the best team at the six nations, and for once the sporting gods smiled on the team that played fearless rugby.
  13. Oh, I don't dispute that Wales deserved to win. My point is merely that if Ashton hadn't been the man selecting the starting squad England would have won the game, and thus the title.
  14. I think Ashton has been treated appaulingly by the RFU, I'm not taking anything away from Johnson's playing career, but he is untested as a coach at club or international level, and the RFU have gone for the populist vote.
    It would be a shame if a great player like Martin Johnson will be remembered for ruining the English National team, I think the RFU should have swallowed their pride and gone for Jake White, unfortunately for the RFU he is not English. But if someone tells me that Johnson is a better coach than White, Shaun Edwards or Warren Gatland, I'm sorry but I wont believe them.
    England should have stuck with Ashton or gone for a foreign coach (Edwards is off limits, thank god) and given Johnson a chance to get experience at a lower level. If he fails to get a better result than Ashton in the next 6N (Winning it) will the RFU stick with him till RWC?

    I wouldnt mind seeing Ashton as Ospreys coach in the future.
  15. Points Difference?

    You are talking bollocks