England to follow France with the ban of the burka?

No one's mentioned Coco Pops yet...and you call yourselves men.
Gents it's all about a 4:1 ratio of golden nuggets:frosted shredded wheat. Sets you right up for the day whilst making you feel young by virtue of eating a childs cereal.

Also I find when eating weetabix, a banana evenly sliced is the discerning gentlemans choice of poo regulator. not that i need to at my sprightly age.
That's because Coco Pops look like enlarged rabbit turds Ned....
I still like the tried and tested Cornflakes... Good for the ricker and crunchy fun if you eat them fast enough...

Are "Burkas" made by Kellogs as well? Why would the French ban a breakfast cereal? They sound like they might need lots and lots of milk and sugar on them like Shredded Wheat which are as dry and an old womans clunge...
I love weetabix but mrs oggie put me on that horrible Scottish stuff to keep the cholesterol down
Must disagree with you there Oppo. I know some elderly ladies who still have nice juicy clunges, and oddly enough, they haven't gone grey "down there".

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