England to follow France with the ban of the burka?

I like milk.
No way. We might lose our AAA Financial Rating.
put a dollop of honey on top............

.............you know you want too.
I am toying with the idea of having three weetabix instead of my usual two, but am a little concerned about the possible consequences re the poo dept.
Bran is very underrated. With a bannana yum.
Digest 'em properly. Shouldn't be a problem.
Hmm concerning, try with 2 1/4 and work from there. May I suggest a little bit of strawberry yougart on top also?
Trust England to follow France :lick:
What? Weetabix or Bran?

Don't leave us hanging man!!!
Precisely! If you don't keep yourself regular, they hang, and you have to manipulate them out. Not nice.
I'm dead posh and have that cereal where you could win a camper van. It's doing nothing for my gizzards as my young son has given me a tummy bug and I get a twenty second warning order that something will get pebbledashed. The nearest lavatory is 25 seconds away.

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