England Squad for RWC2007

Bad idea leaving out Toby Flood in my opinion, especially to include Farrell.

M Cueto
J Lewsey
J Robinson
P Sackey
D Hipkiss
J Noon
M Tait
M Catt
A Farrell
O Barkley
J Wilkinson
A Gomarsall
S Perry
P Richards

G Chuter
L Mears
M Regan
P Freshwater
A Sheridan
M Stevens
P Vickery
S Borthwick
M Corry
B Kay
S Shaw
L Dallaglio
N Easter
L Moody
T Rees
J Worsley


N Abendanon
D Cipriani
T Flood
J Haskell
C Hodgson
T Palmer
M Tindall
K Yates

3 Hookers and 3 Scrum Halves? Lee Mears won't play a game, but I can see the justification because of injuries in the Front Row. However, Peter Richards isn't fit, and I'd have happily left him at home to include Flood. I would also have included Danny Cipriani instead of Paul Sackey, but thats just my thinking!

England know the drill. They will be lambasted as a bunch of old crocks right up until they exit the World Cup. Just as they were four years ago in Australia. Trouble is, they were the last to leave that tournament. At least the Sydney Morning Herald had the good grace to print a full page apology after the white-shirted pensioners stole away with the booty. Surprisingly classy, that one...

Ronnie8781 said:
Hodgson instead of Barkley
How can you possibly justify picking a medicore fly half who hasn't played a game for the last 8 months?
Hodgson: Awesome for Sale, Crap for England.

I'd have taken Cipriani over Barkley though.
Picking Farrell and Barkley instead of Flood and Cipriani. Bad choice. Wont make a lot of difference as we're going to be on the recieving end of some proper spanking no matter who we pick. Ashton appears to have done a hell of a job over the last few months, just a pityit's 2/3 years to late.
Nick Abendanon as well, he had a good game against France, and is a specialised Full-Back.

If you look at the list, we arn't actually taking a Full-Back, only fill ins like Robinson, Lewsey and Cueto.
Cipriani is also a Full Back, I mean he started both the quarter, semi and final of the Heinenken Cup there. Hopefully that means that both he and Haskell are now available for the Middlesex 7s on Saturday as Wasps defend their title.

The Premiership is going to be a hard slog for the first few months for Wasps with at least 8 players ruled out due to the RWC. It could've been worse with Palmer, Haskell and young Danny away as well. Who knows with injury...
Im concerned at there only being 3 second rows in the squad as well, with Corry covering both the Second and Back row.

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