England...same old same old

Now, I am obviously no football expert, but I like to think I know a thing or two...

Having watched tonights game, a couple of points.

1. It was not a bad game, but the outcome was decided by the keepers and the poor decisions of the England manager. Lets not forget Germany where well understrength.

2. Beckham was clearly injured, yet McClaren insisted on playing him for the full 90.

3. Substitutions at half time, I would have put my money on bringing SWP on in front of Richards who, along with Cole, was the most effective player on the pitch. That would have been some combo. Instead, he moves Richards into the centre and plays Brown at right back

4. Then, he brings on Crouch (suspended for the next game) and Dyer (30 appearances - no goals!) Needless to say, in a few minutes we resort to route 1 football.

5. SWP, who is having a good start for Chelsea this season finally comes on, BUT ON THE LEFT in place of Joe Cole, who was having a good game. Beckham continues to be poor.

6 I will now put my mortgage on Beckham starting against Israel, who is going to get 100 caps no matter how bad he plays.

7. Does McClaren know what he is doing?
I found myself chuckling at Lawrenson's useless commentary - now he really is a chump.

...he's got 2 great feet but I prefer him on his right, except when he's on his left...
...ability like his is priceless and even more so at this level...
...and I can see Beckham playing the full 90 minutes [cut to SWP warming up and Motty saying 'Looks like SWP is getting ready to come on] so yeah...I reckon SWP will come on for Beckham and probably play deep...
I could go on and on.

I also got progressively more and more annoyed at all the excuses that were made for a gang of professional multimillionaire footballers. When will McLaren's 'warm up period' be over? When will England finally start playing 'games that matter' (another Lawrenson favourite)? When are the astonishingly clever pundits and their remarkable 20/20 hindsight going to actually provide meaningful analysis?

And Hansen is a dour misery as well.

And 'No' as well! :D



England were poor against Germany's C Team which played at 60% and comfortably beat us. England had enough chances to score and couldnt unlock the calamity which is Jens Lehman.

Usual bunch of prima-donnas who think they have a God-given right to pull on an England shirt. I'd rather see an 11 picked from the Championship and Div 1, atleast they would play their guts out for the three lions.
Bunch of overhyped, overpaid nobs. Apart from John Terry who seems proud to wear his Nations shirt every time he trots out on the park - kinda reminds me of Stuart Pearce.

Anyway shouldn't really criticise as we only beat South Africa 1 -0 last night.
Northern Ireland continued their bid to qualify for next summer's European Championship with a comfortable 3-1 win over Liechtenstein at Windsor Park.

Two first-half goals from David Healy and a second-half strike from Kyle Lafferty ensured a perfect start to life under new manager Nigel Worthington.
DS spot on swp and jc both looked in fine form along with richards,like you can't believe some of the decisions McC made re subs and tactics.Hopefully it is just a early season glich that will be well out of the system by the time we play Israel and Russia. Bloody taliban lobbed a rocket into Kandahar last night 5minutes after Lampard scored by the time roll call was finished krauts were 2-1 up,spooky.First rocket in over 50 days,perhaps the local tali are deutch footie fans!!

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