England rugby train with Royal Marines

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by codbutt, Jun 26, 2007.

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  1. England train with Royal Marines

    Brian Ashton has sprung a surprise on his England squad by sending them to work out with the Royal Marines rather than flying out for a training camp.
    They will now fly to Portugal for an eight-day training camp on Thursday after four days with the Marines.

    Former coach Sir Clive Woodward, who led England to victory in 2003, worked with the Marines a number of times.

    Woodward credits the Marines with helping him identify players with the ability to succeed under pressure.

    Ashton, who has only had seven matches in charge, has little time to mould his World Cup group, with the final 30-man squad having to be named on 14 August.

    England only have two warm-up matches before Ashton must declare his hand and so the next few weeks are vital in setting the right tone.

    World Cup-winning coach Woodward has recounted how, after a session in 1999, a Marine officer told him: "There are men in your squad we wouldn't go into battle with.

    "It's not about their skills, it is about their attitude and their effect on the team.

    "One wrong team player can sap all the energy from the group."

    As England built from the disappointment of the 1999 World Cup, Woodward recognised he required a squad full of "energisers" and by 2003 there was "not an energy-sapper in sight".

    ***** God help them. I wonder if this means we might see some flaming ars*holes dancing in the scrum, or perhaps line-out calls of "Zimba, Zimba, Zimba Zim" in the world championship?
  2. They'll all pack Carmen Miranda outfits for post-match parties... :D
  3. Wayne Rooney

    Naked except for the roll mats on his arms

  4. Since when does Rooney play rugby?! I know he has a face like a forward, but... :D
  5. 'cos I's a bit fick innit. I don't understand them games. It's all balls anyway!
  6. Aye and we know you're not a fan of balls! ;) x
  7. So ... any truth in the rumour that the new England strip will be designed by Agent Provocateur?
  8. Does this news mean that they will surrender when caught on the opposition side of the half way line then admit that they were in the wrong?
  9. On the budget front, I guess they'll be able to save on the team's designer suits and just buy off-the-peg from C&A...
  10. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Based on how many people try and suceed at getting into the Marines vs the English rugby squad surely the information flow should be the other way round?
  11. Burgger - beat me to it :D
  12. Royal won't teach England players anything, they're insouciant buggers and over paid, the England players that is. The All Blacks will take the title