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England rugby coach calls Wales 'a little sh*t place', does he have a point ?

It' been a while but again:

And the Lord called the leaders of the Celtic countries together and said:
"To you Scots I give rolling glens, lochs of outstanding beauty, the magnificent stag and heather.
To you Welsh I give magnificent valleys, green fields, majestic mountains and fabulous forests"

"Lord", they said, "you are too bounteous. We cannot accept your munificent gifts and there must be some drawbacks with all this beauty"

And the Lord said "Just you wait until you see the shitty neighbours I've given you".
Rabiottis is still going strong in Cwmbran town centre.
Rabaiottis in Milford Haven, too... Best choc-ice ever. Tenby also has the Fecci's chipshop clan and the Tovali fizzy pop clan. I think all three families (as well as the Sidolis) were refugees from the mid-19th Century Italian wars of unification.
Northern Gogs are inbred weird ***** much like Norfolk.
West Walians Interfere with sheep and cattle.

South East Wales people defend the border from the right proper weirdos from the Forest of Dean.
'Interfering'?! I'll have you know that they're all consenting and in some cases are sick and are going to die anyway.
I was stuck in Abergavenny for four hours last year after the I was on train hit a bull, I took a futile walk looking for a shop, it reminded me of the movie the Cars that ate Paris.
Feck me mate, if you think Abergavenny is bad do not stop in Machynlleth.

That could genuinely be described like that.

Mind you, Abergavenny has a few problems: you know it is bad when the Army recruiting office on the high street closes...
When the kids walked off the pitch together, they were all happily chatting away in the Caardiff language.
It can be a bit of a pain when they start taking Urdu or Somali, I agree.
Last year, I did a job one night at Llan-something-Wells, and about 5am, I left to return to my hotel in Cardiff East (as it called itself, although was closer to Newport). My satnav failed, and so I continued to a road junction, to clock the road signs for any clue to get to my digs. The road sign was all Llan-this, Aber-that, Ponte-other, and I just took an educated guess on the way back to Newport. A few miles down the road, and my satnav kicked in, telling me I was in fact on the right road.

The place names get me. I can remember at New Street waiting for a train to Wolvo, which was continuing past Shrewsbury and into deepest darkest Wales, all up to and along the West Coast. The station announcer had a West Midlands accent, and I wondered how he was gonna pronounce these Welsh places. No problem - a Ruth Madoc voice-alike took over, and continued to read out the destinations in beautiful, flawless Welsh perfection. Another time, there was an incident on the news about a missing girl from some little Welsh village at the back of beyond. Next day at work, while chatting about it, our Welsh supervisor pronounced the place very differently from the newscaster. Pretty sure she pronounced it in one syllable, as opposed to the newscaster's attempt.

Been to Wales many times, and there are nice bits and shit bits. Despite the slaggings that Cardiff and Rhyl seem to get, I have always enjoyed there.

I suspect you are talking about April Jones, who was abducted and murdered in Machynlleth. Were it not for the tragedy, the entertainment value of news crews trying to pronounce the town name would have been immense.

I do hope it wasn't recorded, but I was once trying to keep up a commentary on a lost or stolen through some lovely bits of Wales which ended up with me giving up on the town names and roads, and just using pubs as reference points. It won't be played as a training aide, other than "How not to"*.

*But we caught them so screw you , Cymdeithas yr Iaith Gymraeg. I might not be bilingual, but I can take thieves and had three in custody for a variety of offences. "You're fucking nicked mate" is understood in Wenglish as clearly as any other bit of the UK.
Yes, that was her, sorry to say. Seems half the letters in some Welsh place names are in fact silent.
If it is any consolation, and not that I can go into it, Wales properly went to war to find her killer.

May she rest in peace.

"though that shield may fail to guard, the sword of justice is still there to avenge"
Sherlock Holmes, The adventure of the resident patient.
Ynys Mon ? Mam Cymru !!
Tacitus had a point though.....

"On the beach stood the adverse array, a serried mass of arms and men, with women flitting between the ranks. In the style of Furies, in robes of deathly black and with dishevelled hair, they brandished their torches; while a circle of Druids, lifting their hands to heaven and showering imprecations, struck the troops with such an awe at the extraordinary spectacle that [it was] as though their limbs were paralysed, they exposed their bodies to wounds without an attempt at movement."
Has it changed much since the invasion in 43 AD?
@llech Sut Mae Hogia ? Wyt ty'n deall fy ? Dyma Y Defod Y Ddraig !!

Probably bad spelling , as it's been some time since I actually wrote anything in Cymraeg , as to me , it is mainly a spoken Language.

Yes - there are parts - ugly parts , of Wales , as in the Valleys - or the Slate Quarries of 'Y Gogledd.'. The Coal Mines in the Valleys destroyed great tracts of once beautiful countryside - all now pock-marked where the NCB did its best to extract as much Welsh Coal as possible , as it was exported across the World - much as Welsh Slate was also.

Inevitably,it left its mark - and Aberfan hastened the end.( R.I.P. ) despite heroic efforts - how do you cover up / make good / the damage done ? You cannot.
Did I mention the Iron Works ? The huge Foundries that sprang up ? Ironmasters who made massive fortunes , whilst providing WORK for men from across the UK , not only the Welsh !!

With Cymru Fach taking yet more blows , until it was realised that Coal / Iron / Steel / and even Slate - had had its day. Still struggling to keep its Steel Industry going....but who knows for how long ? Remember that Wales ALSO went through TWO World Wars
in the last Century - not just England / Scotland / Ireland !! Then you will recall the tough times we ALL went through ? WORK was what was needed - not prettying up the ravaged Countryside - those 'Two up,Two down' Terraced Cottages on the hillsides for mine workers , produced some children , who turned into some damn good men .

After WW 11 , the ENGLISH needed workers - and in the North it was Liverpool ( The ancient Capital of North Wales ) and Manchester ,in the South it was Bristol (thankfully )
which helped the Welsh to find work and send money back to Wales until enough was saved to put the Family back together again.
Yes - the English ! Diolch yn Fawr.

The next big export from Wales - was Teachers and Politicians - and the divisive brain washing by the Labour Party , who in supporting the Unions,put a black mark on all Welshmen looking for work ANYWHERE - yes it's true.

Wales was now collapsing back into itself - ravaged and depleted - with nothing to offer, as all Generational guidance was virtually wiped out ( World Wars & etc., ) day labourers were not the best educated , hence the wake up to get educated - and then to flee , never to return ( in most cases ) who can blame them ? There was Nothing left of the Family - all gone away - just empty house / farms / cottages - because Wales was unable to care for it's own ( look also at Ireland / Scotland / Northern England ) just the same.

Whew - apologies for the length of this epistle,didn't mean to bang on so damned long - but I Love Wales - the Music / language / History and the soft water that makes a loverley cuppa tea !!

As the newest generation would say about Wales - there's nothing there,there !! :biggrin:

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