England RU tour of Oz

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by schweik, Jun 15, 2010.

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  1. I notice that none of you England supporters wished to draw attention to your disastrous tour of Australia by starting a thread on it.

    Good decision. Best not to be frank. However I'm not English so I can laugh at you all I like.

    So, stuffed in the first test, but the midweek team managed to scrape a win today against a side who ended up fielding two hookers in the front row. The win was achieved by the time honoured English method of steering well clear of the opposition try line, and kicking penalties instead. The two penalties achieving the winning margin being two won in the scrum against the said two hookers.

    As a nation you must all be very proud.....

    .... not!
  2. Good news at least from Argentina. At least one of the home nations will be returning as a series winner! Good luck to Wales on Saturday by the way.
  3. Absolutely.

    Was watching the game on TV on Saturday and 'twas remarkable to see an aggressive Scotland size continuing to push and push and push even with the 80th minute approaching.
  4. Is this the same England team that beat Australia in Australia for the first time in 7 years 21-20 in what is being heralded as the best performance of an England side under Johnson?

    Australia "won" the test series on points difference.

    As for it being a disastrous tour? Nope, can't see it as being that.