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Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Porro_Ago_Ulster, Oct 30, 2006.

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  1. Bollox!!!! They are going to get a right shoeing.
    Too many old farts who are past there best. Its about time some of the younger guys were given the start and they start looking outside the favorite sons. Corry better than Sanderson, never!!!
  2. Its not a bad side actually, all things considered, but we're still going to suffer.
  3. It's probably the best we could have chosen: if you think it's crap, do please offer another lineup. Any more new blood against this ABs side would be a genuine 'lambs to the slaughter' option... Corry is quiet, but he leads by example, and that will be important. They're gonna lose, I expect, but I cannot see a better alternative.
  4. God help us, Ian Balshaw. Andy Robinson and Dean Ryan must be the last men on earth to think he can play. Great with a gap the width of Texas to run into, hopeless if someone tries to tackle him from the front. And I'm a Glaws man!
  5. The best word for the England side:

  6. NZ team announced :

    New Zealand: Muliaina (Waikato); Gear (Tasman), Nonu (Wellington), Mauger (Canterbury), Rokocoko (Auckland); Evans (Otago), Kelleher (Waikato); Woodcock (North Harbour), Mealamu (Auckland), Hayman (Otago); Jack (Tasman), Robinson (Waikato); Thorne (Canterbury), McCaw (Canterbury, capt), Masoe (Wellington).
    Replacements: Hore (Taranaki), Afoa (Auckland), Dermody (Southland), So'oialo (Wellington), Ellis (Canterbury), Carter (Canterbury, Sivivatu (Waikato).

    Just so happens I'm going on Sunday. Better take me boots along just in case..... :roll:
  7. Cueto out too now.
  8. Little Neville gone too Sir?

    Sniffling his little nose, going eek!
  9. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Oh dear, its going to be a long 80 minutes.
  10. My prediction is 0-3 for all the Autumn Tests. Yes even Argentina look likely to embarrass us.

    12 months away from the world cup and we still can't get selection right!
  11. Well, at least the GB Lions gave us something to shout about when they gave the Aussies a good shoeing in Sydney yesterday. As a fanatical English rugby/cricket fan I've been looking forward to the Autumn for quite a while.

    I was totally behind Wales yesterday, round my mates house (who is Welsh). As a nation we should all get behind each nation when they face any Rugby nation outside of GB. Though I would not walk round the corner to watch any football, totally boring and a gay sport-sorry!

    I think England will put on a good performance today. I don't think they will win, though I would rather they progress between now and next years World Cup. The All Blacks have a history of peaking before the World Cup, then bombing out, which I find quite pleasing.

    For all you proud Welsh, Irish & Scotmens, come on guys get behind the England team this afternoon. Why would you want to see a Northern Hemisphere team lose to our Southern Hemisphere counterparts.

    Swing low, sweet chariot!

  12. Did you see the game mate? Willie Mason is a fcuking thug - no more, no less. How he stayed on the field is incredible. If I were Adrian Morley I'd be fuming.
  13. No, unfortunately I was working in a sweatgym somewhere in the UK. But I saw the highlights. Willie Mason should have gone for the high elbow challenge, he could have killed Sean Long. He should be banned for the rest of the tournament. Period!
  14. Sensational GB performance. Aussies talked a big game before this match, writing off GB and they must have believed their own baloney.

    Agree, Mason went out to hurt players. Ref's career needs one or two questions as well.