England reject appointed Scotland rugby coach

I'm sure the man is very nice and all that but as he was a complete bag of pooh as England coach, why in Heaven's name are we taking him on?

Two seasons in club rugby later where he did well but still won nothing and he is suddenly favoured son? Bollocks.

Seriously, is there no-one better out there or are down in such a state of affairs we can't afford to get anyone better?


As a reminder of just how "successful" he was with England

Are there seriously no comments on this or are people all so apathetic on the matter that we can't be bothered to?

God help Scottish rugby.
I reckon its about time with all the Jocks that have been in charge of stuff in England. I hope he is as succesful up there as Gordon Brown is down here, tell you what, we'll swap......................
He took a mediocre England team and made it...just as mediocre. On the other hand, Edinburgh did well under him. I would say the jury's still out - his ceiling's probably lower than the Clive Woodwards of this world, but he could make this Scotland team reasonably competitive.
Correct, OP, and considering the majority of the Scottish Rugby team will be coming from Edinburgh and Glasgow he wont have the same problems that are/were besetting him at the RFU in regards to players being released by their clubs.

FWIW, I consider Robinson a decent club coach, was part of the Bath coaching team when they became the first English club to win the Heinekin Cup and lead Edinburgh to their best league position in the Magners. He now has about 3 years to get Scotland up to a higher competitive level and most would think that getting them to the quarter finals of the next RWC would be a major achievement in itsself. He has 2 winnable Autumn Tests coming up against Fiji and Argentina and a six nations campaign which includes away trips to Rome, Cardiff and Dublin all of which have not been happy hunting grounds for the Scots in recent years.

Personally I think added to the fact that we have a fairly apathetic rugby support in Scotland he's taking on a lot of responsibility, I just hope that the SRU give him the support that's required to effect the necessary change
Not overly happy with the appointment, however, I will reserve judgement until there are some results I can use to justify it further.
Whoever took over from Woodward (with the key players having left also) was going to find it very difficult. Plus I don't think he really had the pedigree to take over, although there weren't many other candidates around either.

He's done a good job at Edinburgh and is worthy of another shot as an international coach. Scotland don't really have the depth of squad to compete consistently in the 6N and 2 wins will continue to be a challenge next year. Hadden couldn't have done much better than he did and indeed I think he has built a sound platform and allowed the genuine world class players to flourish (as much as they can in a losing side). I wish Robbo and the 'Sweaties' all success in the Autumn games but as an England fan I hope they're not too successful in the 6N - seen too many losses over the years to be genuinely supportive.

Let's give him a run before writing him off.

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