England, Out of the World Cup

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by scotscop, Jul 1, 2006.

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  1. Unlucky, but lets face it - who expected any better! :D
  2. Over paid underperformed again
  3. Watch the press blame fat boy Rooneys sending off for their demise!!!
  4. Tis ok cause Leeds will dominate the premiership for the next ten yars
  5. Actually they performed very well with ten men from the 62nd minute and then even after 30 mins of extra time it was still nil nil. England lost on penalties. Again.
  6. I think Rooney deserves a block visit tonight ;) Respirator ..... check ..... noddy suit ...... check ........ pillow case with can of coke in it ..... check ........ Helllllooooooooooo rooney :)

  7. Oh well!
  8. Errr they lost!
  9. Does anybody still doubt that Rooney is a wanker? :roll:

    Not that I'm convinced he'd have saved the day, given his performance in the 62 minutes he was on.
  10. Odds on it all gose off tonight in Germany. Riot old bill are in for a long night!!!
  11. Overpaid b*****ds! :x

    What a waste of money. Should cut their wages. :x

    We ALWAYS lose on penalties. All that money they get paid and they manage nothing when it counts. :x

  12. Are you not showing the flag of Northern Ireland??? or are you an England fan when the North do not qualify! :D
  13. Should have a British team in the World Cup. Just to add the Northern Irish team are actually British Football Champions.... last time it was played we won, we still have the trophy :D
  14. Never have so few been paid so much for so little!