England out! British Soldiers KIA , do newsmedia care?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by paveway_3, Jul 2, 2006.

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  1. I am not a bitter and twisted Welsh man , i was supporting England last night as well .
    What really gets on my tits is all this fuss because they are out . Our brother soldiers
    are away in Iraq /Afganistan right now , they are there for there country without
    the ''WAGS'' .2 lads were killed the otherday in Afganistan and the only thing people
    give a damn about is that Thick cnut Beckem ''sacking it'' or if Rooney is going to shake
    Ranaldo's hand when they both tip up for work in Manchester . These people are over paid
    Primodonas .I am sure they can get by with a little disapointment until they get paid in a few days .
  2. I agree with you.
    But do you really expect Joe public to give a toss about 2 squaddies getting killed in a war that no one really knows very much about let alone gives a toss about. The view amongst the civvies I work with is that if these guys are dumb enough to sign on the dotted line and join an army which is engaged in 2 of Blair’s wars then they can expect to get shot at and even killed. Of course its hard cheese for the guys and their families but I haven’t come across many people who actually care or are that bothered. It’s not like they are seen as fighting for out national safety or protection by the majority of the public. It’s like NI in the early days.Squaddies getting shot almost daily. No one really gave a toss about them either. The Falkland campaign was different. It was a matter of national pride. It was our brave boys giving Johnny foreigner a bloody nose for twisting the lion’s tale....
    It’s going to get a whole lot worse before it gets better
  3. I know it's not strictly what you're talking about, but the commentator for the England match prior to yesterday's did say "I'd just like to say hello to some of our more important viewers, the men and women of the British army, stationed all over the world". Or words to that effect.

    And in that statement there is a subtle irony, that the general public is more interested in football, but the man who is paid to talk about the football took the time to acknowledge British soldiers.
  4. Angelic Upstarts - Last Night Another Soldier

    "Last night another soldier, last night another child
    No one seems to worry, no one sees his mother cry

    Can you see that smart, clean soldier,
    Standing straight and oh so proud
    He wants to fight for Queen and country
    He wants to make his family proud

    A job with the future, his way to get out of it
    It's his sense of romance, it never ends that way
    Last night another soldier, last night another child
    No one seems to worry, no one sees his mother cry

    They're just facts and figures on your TV screen
    Another child and another soldier, is peace just a dream

    In the country strange and foreign all the people resent him
    He can't cope with his problems, all the fears and hatred

    Now he wish he never went he wish he never thought of it
    It's not the same as fighting armies looking for the terrorists

    They're just facts and figures...

    Can you hear the mocking laughter from the ones that gain by it
    They're not in line for the bullets, they're the ones who started it

    They're just facts and figures...

    Last night another soldier, last night another child
    Just a number in the papers, another one of the innocent

    They're just facts and figures.."

    A late 70's/early 80's Punk group articulated it better than I ever could.
  5. Nobody gives a toss mate because it doesn't affect their normal lives. When it encroaches on their lives and restricts what they can do - then they care.

    Its just like the July Bombings. Everyone gave a shit until a month after it happened and now its all forgotten.

    We are just a tool of the government. If it needs done we do it. Thats all we are. We are only heroes to those who know us or to those who are affected by our actions.Its sad that its like that, but in todays society thats the way things are.
  6. I yelled a few expletives at the screen when the commentators were banging on about the 'heroic' efforts of the English in lasting 60 minutes as 10 men. I know that an awful lot of people get awfully excited about the game in general, but given that the game was played on the 90th anniversary of The Somme and when contrasted with the truly heroic efforts of the lads and lasses serving in the hot-spots around the world it's an insult to use that term.
  7. Please dont get me wrong here chaps , i am all for the world cup and i was trully gutted for England
    and the England supporters .My point is , lets put all this in perspective , its only a bloody game and
    when soldiers who earn maybe 30 grand a year at best are getting killed .Well we should all remember that
    the next time Beckham is crying on the box.
  8. I was thinking exactly the same, I didn't even know of the incident till I logged on here. I watched the match last night at work with a few off the weekend staff get home watch morning news and nothing about the soldiers!
  9. I picked up on that too D_R and was impressed - and surprised. It was a rare uplifting moment. The same commentator also overdid it during the Germany/Argentina penalty shoot out. As Michael Bellak prepared to take his kick the commentator said, "an entire nation in a man". I knew what he meant but it was pathetic. Football is not that important, it has no heroes.
  10. Should know by now that civvies don't give a feck about soldiers dieing overseas.
    Just watch your local news for example there's always a story about a missing rabbit or parrot in the East Midlands area before the story on our lads loseing their lives.
    It's the kind of world we live in today, people would rather hear about Victoria Beckhams hair extensions.
  11. i'm a massive fan of football, but, people don't die playing football!

    i was at work, but came home on and flicking through the news channels was disgusted at the time given to football, and the almost an aside way of reporting the deaths.

    sky, beeb et al ought to be thoroughly ashamed!

    RIP lads
  12. Also a massive footie fan, felt gutted at being knocked out then I hear the news about Afghanistan and read an article about The Somme. Kind of put things into the proper context.

    RIP to the lads.
  13. Further down this board there is an excellent thread about an outstanding bit of journalism in The Times reporting a 3 Para contact last week (Well worth a read).

    Last night (Sunday) the BBC 10 o'clock news reported the deaths of two British soldiers. The editor of that programme decided that that item was less important than spending the first five minutes of the programme reporting on the resignation of a football team captain.

    While I can understand that the 'great' British public might find a tearful Beckahm more interesting than the fact that soldiers are dying in their name in central Asia, to put the Beckham resignation (it's only a game FFS !) ahead of these deaths shows such a f*cked up sense of priorities it almost beggars belief. What sort of message do you think the BBC is sending to the public at large about the value of the job we do, the value of our lives, when they put it second in line to a football team captain's decision to quit ? Is that a message you would like to see reinforced ?

    A pointless, unrealistic, quixotic gesture maybe, but, if, like me, you think that the tabloid-minded fcukwits who run the BBC news operation need educating about what really matters, drop them a line: Link to the BBC complaints page
  14. See my thread - BBC Hit Back. Maybe the general public don;t give a toss about soldiers. But they should. And the BBC ought to give a lead.

    Complain about BBC 10 o'clock news (6 minutes of a tearful Beckham the first item; British soldiers being killed, a poor second) here:

    BBC Complaints page
  15. Complaint made in the strongest possible terms. And I completely agree. Some overpaid scrote in an England top quitting his job? Puh-leeze.