england one

well the game has just played an its 1 0 to england.
how do you think the game went as i missed the first half.
and why???
If ya missed the first half, mate, you were lucky. Four matches played in World Cup 2006 and I haven't enjoyed one of em. It's like watching a lame dog drag itself over hot coals to the syringe-and-sympathetic-smile-brandishing vet. Kinda.

One moment of cheer though. Looks like EVERYONE hates Ruud Van Nistelroy now. Thats what you get for being a red.


The only hope is we have played like a pub team for 4 games and got through to the last 8, so maybe our luck will hold out.......................................maybe not then.
i just hope we go all the way an get a another gold star.
f##k me its like being at play school again.
anyone for a gold star me sir me sir please can i have one.
come on england lets win.
i would like to see the arrse banner up when england play on sat.
anyone going if so make a banner an put it up so we can see it live on t.v.
Well i'm mega chuffed - won the sweepstake for Beckham scoring the first goal.

Maybe Becks should have stayed off the ale the night before though, poor form to play with a hangover and chunder on the pitch.

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