England Not To Compete In Commonwealth Games

Although a formal decision on England’s participation will not be taken until the new year, senior Whitehall sources told The Daily Telegraph that there was “virtually no chance” a team would be sent.

“If you are an English athlete there is no way you are going to want to risk your life competing at the Games. We currently cannot see any way that England will be able to send a team to Delhi next year,” said one source.
I suppose The Scottish, Irish and Welsh will be ok then.

If England don't tip up, I hope it doesn't provoke a backlash against local business's whose owners have a foriegn accent.
Sounds like a bit strategic communications to gee up the Indians in order to sort their act out.
"Take our advice on security else we're not coming".
I can't see the Indians having the place ready in time anyway, their preparations are a shambles. My money is on the games getting switched to another country.

The Chief minister for the games Delia Dikshit (cool name :lol: ) admits she has been reduced to praying that Dehli can successfully host the games.
Sheila not Delia, you twonk! :D

Other than that I totally agree. India needs to extract its digit quickly, or this will end up as a farce.
Looks like they are going after all, England's Commonwealth Games chief has denied they will pull out of the 2010 event in India over security concerns. Link


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So England, the home of the Commonwealth, won't compete in the Commonwealth Games. Pathetic really.

Edited for idiocy.


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There's nothing new under the sun. The England badminton team took their shuttle-cock home in August from the World Championship in Bangalore citing security fears, leaving the Welsh and Scots to crack on with it.
They will have to go otherwise they won't qualify as heroes and get Knighthoods and other honours and go on to advertise breakfast cereal and have a heroes parade and earn mega bucks.....
Many years ago, I can't remember when, John Pullen took an England Rugby XV to Dublin when all other sides had declined to go.

England lost, I think, and at the post-match dinner Pullen said:

"We might not be very good, but at least we turn-up".

Top man - top statement - top team - huge respect - gained so many plaudits.

PS: I am Welsh.
If their security fears are that bad now, just wait until 2014...
Command_doh said:
No dramas - athletics is w@nk anyway.
Only if you are a Fat unfit barrell of lard!!! :wink:
Well, simple solution...

All you English Counties that bemoan the loss of your cultural identity, why not vote for "Jock Separation/Independence"?

Heritage, such as the morris dance etc., etc., ad nauseum.

I know how you feel the very phrase gives me the boak TBH.

In fact, it sticks in my craw!!!

Jockland, join our Commonwealth Games.

A lassie kens a real man when she's felt him under his kilt...

(Shellscrape is dug, and there's a knot in my poncho hood - bring it on)..

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