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Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by nottotouchtheearth, Oct 5, 2009.

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  1. After watching the football Match of the Day highlights over the weekend, Ive came to the conclusion England have a real problem selecting a decent, reliable goalkeeper for the world cup nxt year. Foster and Green both had shockers .

    Who would yous pick???
  2. I think Capello should have tried Manuel Alumnia (Spanish, but now has British Citizenship and eligble to play for the England team). Yes, granted he does have a few shockers, but no more than David James or Paul Robinson had.
  3. Its a tricky one, probably will not know for sure until bout may time nxt year, foster will lose his place to van da sarr, so hes out, blackburn will probably go down so robinsons out, portsmouth looked f****d, west ham looked doomed as well, so have not got a clue ..........
  4. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    England are bolloxed in the Keper dept- the fact we have to play a useless 40 year old playing for a team rooted at the foot of the Premier Leagure says it all.
  5. personally i think chris kirkland has been overlooked a bit.

    but i disagree with almunia becoming "english". let's have some national pride and select somebody who is actually English, not some foreigner who wasn't good enough for his own national team and is now a technical possibility.

    don't know how scott carson is getting on nowadays, but he might be worth a look too. but chris kirkland ought to be one of the three going to the world cup, IMHO. david james is just too old now - he's no ray clemence or peter shilton and selecting him at 40 is blocking out others getting the opportunity.

    and now is the time to try out some of those other younger keepers - we've qualified already and have nothing to lose by letting somebody else try out between the sticks.

    by the way, anyone else remember the England debut of Championship Manager / Football Manager star goalie Richard Wright? if i recall correctly, he gave away two penalties and scored an own goal. goes to show that just because they are amazing on the PC doesn't mean they aren't shite in real life. :D
  6. Steve Harper, in the wrong division but far superior to some of the dross we've had between the sticks over the years.

    Its a scandal he doesn't even get selected for friendlies in order to prove a point.
  7. Alex Smithies of course
  8. Joe Hart has got to be given a shot, did good at Man City last year and is Englands future No1. So why not give him a look in.
  9. yeah, i'd agree with that. joe hart and chris kirkland should be in there somewhere. keep david james in the squad as 2nd or 3rd choice by all means - he's certainly got the experience to cope with big occasions like the world cup - but he was always about his athleticism and shot stopping. at 39, he simply isn't as young or athletic as he used to be. we need to give somebody else the experience over the next 8 months in preparation for the world cup.
  10. Wouldn't it be easier to field a team of 60 year olds, get well and truly tonked, and accept once and for all that "we" will never win it again? Perhaps we can then get on with something less boring. :roll:
  11. Green sent off in Ukraine.

    James comes on, faces a peno in his first touch and Shevchenko screws up the peno.
  12. Green had few options after the howler by Ferdinand. Ref had no option but to give the pen and send Green off. Ferdinand is passed his sell-by-date.
  13. ... who is probably only going to the world cup finals as a spectator.
  14. Let's hope.

    Lazy fcuk.