England for the World Cup!



Saw this historic quote.... it appealed to me...

eighteenth century french traveller

"They will break panes of glass and smash the windows of coaches, and also knock you down without the slightest compunction. On the contrary, they will roar with laughter".

(Upon attending a football game in 18th century England)
sounds like the peggy on a friday night!!


Ah the Peggy... What a pleasant place for cocktails of an evening... Mind you the GT was a place to discuss art and philosophy too... whatever happened to 5's as well?


p. j. o’rourke

"Mortar fire is to be preferred, of course, to British sports fans."
oh how the times change.......................many an evening was filled with the joys of shakespear recitals and the ever so assuring ching of a glass or two of pimms


Ah Peggy, I feel quite moved to tears by the memory of it all dont you know (Sniffle)
sad to see its now an internet cafe!!
jealousy will get you no where private pike. I can understand your distaste though, you have to be a man to be gay. And IF you were a man, then you'd of atleast had a shot at P-Company, instead of sitting on the side lines crying!!
guarenteed you never came out (excuse the pun) with a comment like that while drinking in there!!
I thought it was a gay bar- full of macho blokes all with their backs to the wall, eyeing each other up, taking people outside. And everyone sooo friendly.
Why were you the hairy backed man with the Gringo moustache :wink:


That WAS me! .... sorry about the misunderstanding.... I genuinely thought you were a schoolgirl! .... Hows yer bum?
private-pike, let me get this straight, you say you passed p coy in 90 and are still slating the peggy was a mincers bar, what happened? blokes in your unit dispise you and shun you, so you took revenge by slating the place. You obviously arent (ex)reg, so gonna say that you (?) did all arms, but never fitted in. Sound familiar? Must do, cos there's no way you'd slate your mates, unit, brigade or the peggy like that if there wasnt something dark and sinister in the closet you came out of

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