England Footie

For those who may not have access via any other means for whatever reason, England 1-0 up through Rooney after 29 mins.
Pfft, all we bloody need.
Is it me or are those 2 commentators the most negative, unimaginative boring couple of idiots ever to commentate on a game? They almost seem to want Russia to win!

Lescott aint doing to well, Bring on Nicky Shorey!

England look terrible, what is happening, overpaid prima donnas the lot of them.
Oh yeah and I fogot to mention its 2-1 to Russia. :(


Who cares? The England game is on Saturday.
England can only qualify if Russia loose in Israel (unlikely)
England will not qualify for the Euro championships.
Jose for England, bin McCLaren
drain_sniffer said:
1. England can only qualify if Russia loose in Israel (unlikely)
2. England will not qualify for the Euro championships.
3. Jose for England, bin McCLaren
1. Draw will do - need for them not to win. Think Russia may well spank them.
2. Probably not
3. Hopefully not - can't see what else Jose could bring to the party as he is hardly an advocate of flair football and he won't be able to buy in who he wants. Look at available options when qualifying is complete.
4. Problem wasn't the result of yesterdays result- performance wasn't too bad, chances to get a second goal not taken (Gerrard, Richards, Campbell) and Russia recovered well. Problem is too many points dropped in earlier games where they shouldn't have been against opposition that should have just been blown away.

trying to hold it in....

trying very hard.....


no cant hold it any more...


overpaid, self opinionated shower of wasters....well done to the russians.

thought i might have got some of englands finest supporters to bite there but was wrong.

anyway, hope you do qualify....not!!!!
Lemonsuckas, would you care to comment on this thread:


P.s we dont need to reply, we know our team is populated by overpaid, overated chavs, as long as that idiot manager has been sacked by christmas at least some good would of come from it!

Also at least the nation and the population of europe will be spared the bi-annual invasion of pi55ed English fans throwing plastic patio chairs around.


Best bit is the pic of that spud faced kn*b Rooney doing the big theatrical dive having given away the penalty that lost us the game.

How many times has he dropped the team in the sh*t now??

I hope that they are all forced to watch replays of the England rugby team beating Aus and France to see how real sportsmen behave.....